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With thick eyebrows back in fashion, some have finally thrown away their tweezers in rejoice while others are facing the consequences of their effect. Whatever may be the cause of your permanently tamed eyebrows, you have the chance to reverse the damage. Eyebrows have their benefits in making you appear approachable and more attractive. Therefore you should always take care of them.  Although it’s a rite of passage for girls to mess up their eyebrows once in their lifetime, we all know it builds character. But if you missed the train on that one, don’t take the risk of randomly tweezing at your eyebrows. Without further ado, here is what you clicked on this article for.

How to achieve thicker brows

Below are three of the most popular eyebrow enhancing treatments; from most convenient to least convenient.

1- Eyebrow tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing is the least convenient of the methods due to its permanent unnatural results in comparison to alternative treatments. The procedure draws on eyebrows according to the standard method of tattooing.

2- Micro-blading

Micro-blading is the intermediate between hair transplants and full on tattooing. The procedure constitutes semi-permanent tattooing that is drawn in strokes to mimic the structure of a hair. The color of the tattoo ink is not fixed, it varies based on individual variety. The results of micro-blading last around 6 months to a year, within that period, you cannot alter the shape of your eyebrows.

3- Eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow transplants are one of the effective permanent treatments that increase eyebrow thickness. The procedure relies on extracting follicular units from areas similar in texture to eyebrow hair, and carefully individually implanting them in the eyebrow area to create the desired shape. Follicular units begin to generate hair growth in the area, the results are natural, permanent, and scar free. The permanence in eye brow transplants is not a factor of commitment that should intimidate you. Unlike eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow transplants offer a route of escape incase you’re displeased with the results, the transplanted hair can be treated like normal. In other words, you can pluck, was, trim, and dye the transplanted hair. To know more about eyebrow transplants, visit www.veraclinic.bet/en to book an online consultation with a medical specialist.

In summary

Given the aesthetic look of thick brows and their ability to make your natural beauty more prominent, they are growing in popularity. Some are born with a natural set of bald eyebrows, and some have to seek them, and some had them but permanently thinned them. Which ever the case, you can achieve your aesthetics ideally through eyebrow transplants and microblading. Since the safest approach is to opt for a treatment than can be altered later on, consider eliminating tattooing from your options. Even if you get your eyebrows professionally tattooed,   Eyebrow fashion is constantly evolving, and confining yourself to a certain shape and pattern is not advisable.


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