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How to Appear Higher in Location-Based Search Results

Location-based SEO or geo-targeting is the process of optimizing the content for it to appear in the target location. When people in the area look for the nearest company that offers the services they want, the business will develop as one of the options. Choosing this approach in online marketing will help the business become more popular. The good thing is that the top SEO agencies in Chicago will help in this regard. Where there are strategies, it’s easier to be more visible online. These are among the best strategies to rank higher in location-based search results.

Be specific in targeting keywords 

Optimizing specific keywords is useful. Instead of the generic keyword, which is more popular, the goal is to look for a more specific keyword. The problem with generic keywords is that even if they’re high impact, the competition is too tough. It means that it’s difficult to rank higher in search engines since other businesses already take the top spots. Location-specific keywords, on the other hand, are easier to target. Not everyone offers the same service in the company’s location. The keywords should contain the name of the city or town, the specific neighborhood, or the postcode. It can be any of these options or a combination of all of them. If people look for specific places, the company will appear as one of the choices.

For instance, if the company offers car repair services, it’s useful to optimize the phrase “car repair services in Chicago, Illinois.” It’s more specific, limiting the choices—people who will search for this information or probably residents of the city.

Maximize Google My Business

This is another approach that will improve online presence across the various platforms of Google. It includes search engines and maps. Signing up for Google My Business or GMB would be of significant help. When people look for information about their services within a limited area, the business will appear as an option.

Been filling out the tool; everything needs to be accurate and complete. The location should also be owner-verified. The verification process is easy and wouldn’t take a lot of time. The specific city or town should also be a part of the landing page title. Determining the primary categories should also be consistent with the products or services offered by the company.

Apart from GMB, there are other local listing directories available out there. However, since Google is popular, and it can combine with different platforms, it’s better to prioritize this tool. 

Use the right domain

If the business is only operating in one country, it might help use a targeted top-level domain. For instance, if the business is in the UK, the “” domain will be useful. It’s easier for users within the country to search for the company. Google will also help promote the business within the country. Therefore, the increase in traffic will most likely signify the number of people within the country who might become customers. Otherwise, the sudden increase in traffic might be viewed as a positive thing when it’s not.

Always update the profiles

The profile page and the website should bear the complete information of the business. When people want to connect with the company, they can look at the information page and get everything they need. The information should also be up-to-date since the business might keep changing. It’s important to have the complete mailing address, phone number, mobile device number, category, and attributes. Apart from the official website, the information on social media pages should also have the latest update.

It also helps to verify the business locations. It’s easier for people to believe that information is defined if Google indicates that the owner verifies it.

Be responsive

Google rewards websites that are active and engaging. Updating the website with the latest content will help in moving up in search engine rankings. It indicates that Google motivates business owners to keep on engaging with the target audiences. It’s also the same approach for social media marketing.

Understand how Google determines the ranking 

Google’s algorithms aren’t easy to understand. They keep changing, and it’s intentional. Google wants businesses to work hard for their spot. It’s also their way of being relevant to what people are searching for. The reputation of search engines depends on how relevant the information is when typed online.

The three main factors determining local SEO ranking are relevance, distance, and prominence. Relevance refers to how related the business is to what the user wants. It’s easier for Google to rank the company higher if it’s within the user’s specified location for the distance. Prominence is about the popularity of the business. If more people leave reviews or there are plenty of interactions going on, it will contribute to the business’s prominence.

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Choosing the top SEO agencies

It’s quite tricky to rank higher in search engines. Even the most useful strategies might end up failing. It helps to choose the top SEO agencies in Chicago for help in regards to local SEO. 

These experts understand how the process works, and they can provide the best advice moving forward. They also worked with other businesses before, and they know how to maximize the local SEO strategies.

The competition will continue to be tough. Even in the same area where the business operates, other companies offer the same services. It helps to continue optimizing the right keywords to remain a viable option for several potential customers.

With the top SEO agencies extending help, it would not take too long for results to come out – usually up to six months for some visible changes to happen. Give these experts a chance to prove their worth and gradually move the business higher. If it happens, it can be a rewarding investment. Otherwise, lots of other options are available to take the responsibility. Next time, the goals should be clearer. Learn from the mistakes of the previous partnership to boost online presence. 

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