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The rate of divorce has gone up over the past four decades. Data shows that the current rate of divorce in the UK is around 30% to 40%. That means almost 2 out of 5 marriages fail and end up in divorce.

While everyone’s circumstances are different, there is a lot that couples can do avoid a divorce. If you are married or looking forward to tying the knot, here are some things you can do to avoid a divorce.

Marriage Is All About Compromise

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. If you have to live with someone constantly, you are bound to find little annoying habits or pet peeves that will turn you off. 

If you want to make the marriage work, however, both sides will need to compromise. You need to accept each other, despite your faults.

If you find the habits of your significant other annoying, be aware that there are many things about you that irritate them as well. No body’s perfect. So do not assume that you are and jump the gun on divorce papers.

Think With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Marriage is not about love. Or rather, it is not only about love. It is a social contract that you enter to support one another and raise a family. 

At least it is designed that way from a legal perspective.

Do not expect the same spark to be alive, that you had prior to saying I do, ten years down the road.

Always make marital decisions, especially those relating to your joint assets and resources, based on what seems reasonable and sensible. Never let your emotions guide you in this matter.

Think About the Children

Most couples that have lost the spark stay together for the sake of their children. While we are not saying that you have to, research suggests that kids that have both parents in the home tend to do better than a single parent.

Raising children on your own is a huge responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, doing a full-time job AND caring for preteen children is a daunting task.

Even with teenagers who can take care of most of their food and hygiene needs, you have a lot to do, such as their education, skills development and social guidance. 

In case of a divorce, children suffer the most. With joint custody, they have to move back and forth which disrupts their life. 

You have a much better chance of raising great kids if both parents are in the picture.

Stay Calm In Case of a Divorce

Divorce lawyers London state that if you have irreconcilable differences with your spouse, divorce may be the only option left. If it does come to that, make sure to stay calm and collected.

Do not become physically violent or emotionally unstable at any stage.

Some legal experts suggest that the person who initiates the divorce gets an upper hand in court. That isn’t necessarily true.

What happens here is that the person who initiates the divorce proceedings has usually made up their mind. The person getting served the papers is not prepared for the divorce. They react with emotion, begging and pleading or gets angry and violent. This goes against them in court.

So whether you initiate the divorce or get served with the papers, remain calm. Do not overreact. 

In many cases, you will see signs of the divorce papers coming a mile away, so be prepared mentally.

Get Legal Advice in Time

Legal, professional advice can be a lifesaver in case of a divorce. Whether you are looking to initiate a divorce or expect a divorce to be in the cards, get help from an experienced professional early on. 

They can guide you on how to manage your assets and negotiate the divorce amicably. Competent divorce lawyers can help you in several ways.

  • Minimize your financial loss in case of a divorce
  • Keep the divorce proceedings civil and amicable
  • Resolve child custody in your favour or equally

Be Open to Settle Outside the Court

It is ideal for all sides when a divorce is settled outside the court. You will save yourself a lot of money, time and mental anguish this way.

Long, drawn out court battles lead to very messy divorces that result in anger and hatred for each other. There is argumentation, bickering and accusations thrown from all sides.

The children also have to go through much of it which isn’t good for them psychologically. Court battles also result in higher legal fees for both parties which can damage your joint finances.

So if your marriage is coming to an end, our advice is to resolve it through mutual agreement in a peaceful manner. This is only possible when neither side is trying to cheat the other out of their due share and wants to maintain cooperation later.

A large number of divorces get settled this way. If you are going through a divorce, keep it civil and friendly so that both sides can walk away without hurt feelings. 


Divorce should be seen as an unwanted, but a necessary evil. People can grow apart over time and while painful, divorce can sometimes help you start a new life. When things are not working out with your partner, you should consult whether to get a divorce, in a peaceful way. 

If you need more guidance then please seek legal advice from a team of experienced family lawyers in London such as Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors, they also specialise in UK immigration matters and can advise you accordingly if your issue also raises an immigration concern. 

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