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How To Be A Great Business Speaker

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As a business leader, there are many communication skills you are going to need to learn if you truly want to succeed. If you look at some of the leading executives within the business industry, you will quickly see that most of them speak at industry conferences and events.

But when you are asked to be the keynote speaker, this takes it to a whole other level. Their is a great deal of prestige and respect that comes with being a keynote speaker because you are the headliner for that event. This means that all eyes are on you and the success of the event heavily relies on your speech and presentation.

If you plan to take your public speaking skills to the next level, here are some things to keep in mind:

Business Speakers Are Charismatic

If there is one thing that can help you quickly become a great keynote speaker, it is to develop your charisma. Becoming a charismatic speaker means being able to easily capture the attention of your audience and sound professional. It is also being listened to when speaking, in order to be able to better convince or convey your ideas. To be a charismatic speaker, you will have to work on two things: your leadership, and your charm.

Business Speakers Are Leaders

Leadership comes down to all the compelling qualities that a leader can have. Charm, confidence, accomplishments, communication skills, empathy, and open-mindedness are all qualities that you must develop to be a good speaker. In fact, you can see these qualities in many of the leading CEO’s. In the end, if you want people to trust and respect you as a leader, you must be someone they admire. When they see you on the stage as the keynote speaker, in the back of their mind they must acknowledge certain qualities about you that they themselves want.

Attracting The Audience

Seduction is not only reserved for social relations and the notion of a couple. In many cases, knowing how to seduce can get you a lot more in your life. It is a quality that you can use in interviews, during a speech, in conversation, on social networks…everywhere!

So, of course, seduction is based on a lot of parameters, but if it has one that really makes the difference, it’s the look. If you want to become a good speaker, work on your eye-contact. The ability to look a person in the eye and get their attention with a simple gesture goes a very long way. You can attest this to body language as well, but eye contact and how you attract your audience is an essential skill if you want to be a powerful keynote speaker.

Learn From Great Business Speakers

If you want to be the best, then you must learn from the best. All experts have mentors and teachers that they learn (and even steal) from. It’s okay, all the great ones do it. If you are seriously committed to being the best keynote speaker, then invest the time to watch how the popular business speakers give their presentations. However, be careful to not completely copy them as this can cause more harm than good. The goal is to learn from them and use their techniques and methods as inspiration just like any other artist finds inspiration.

Motivating Your Audience

Great keynote speakers also know how to motivate and inspire their audience. If you have ever seen a motivational speaker on stage, you will quickly notice that they are guiding the audience towards taking some form of action. Therefore, it is critical that you learn how to tell compelling stories that capture their imagination, and how to speak with passion.

“Everyone wants to be motivated and inspired in some way” says Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “When people give you their attention and are listening to what you have to say, they are waiting for you to give them some nugget of information that helps their life in some way.” It’s important to remember that as a speaker, you are asking for people’s time which is precious. Therefore, you must take it seriously and find some way to inspire them.

Overcoming Speaking Jitters

Being a great keynote speaker means knowing how to manage your fear and stage fright. If you want to become an excellent speaker, you will have to learn to handle the stress of speaking so that it does not impact your ability to speak with confidence. You must surely know this strange feeling that all the speakers feel before showing on stage. But what makes the difference between a good speaker and a bad speaker is their handling of their oral stress.

If you don’t let it show that you’re nervous before going on stage, you’ll be fine. If you move with ease on stage, speak clearly and manage your emotions, you will be fine. This is why it is important to use breathing exercises before speaking in public.

As for the stage fright, by having a good level of self-confidence, you should be able to regain control. A speaker who has confidence in themselves knows one thing: he or she will succeed in his speech. Therefore, if you want to be a good speaker, increase your confidence and esteem. And manage your stress as well as possible with relaxation or breathing exercises.

Stay Focused

While speaking, it is important that you concentrate your words in a space of time that allows you to maintain your attention. In addition to being concise, avoid getting carried away by elements that are irrelevant or tangential to the matter. You must inspire not distract. The key is to leave the winding roads and curves and take a speech that moves in a straight line towards your goal. 

An excellent and obvious tip for making a memorable speech is to pick a goal and stick with it. Stop wanting to tell everything and focus on what you really mean with those words you are going to say. It is proven that when we share a lot of information with the public, they end up overwhelmed and it is likely that they can hardly remember anything they heard.

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