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How to Buy Car Insurance Without Paying a Commission

Auto insurance is a must-have in most US states if you own a vehicle. You cannot drive your car without having a valid insurance policy (and a driving license). Have you wondered if the services of an insurance agent will affect your budget? 

Well, technically, it shouldn’t. The reality is slightly different. You sure don’t have to pay the agent directly for the services they offer. But insurance companies pay the agent commission from your premium amount. Though the agent’s commission is not a parameter in determining the insurance premium, it still makes a difference. 

You can get cheap and low-cost automobile insurance if you don’t use the services of an agent. The difference might be substantial if you opt for comprehensive coverage with add-ons. Insurance companies calculate the final premium amount after considering the agent’s commission. 

So, how can you get car insurance without paying commission directly or indirectly? Is it possible to find the best policy if you don’t take the help of an agent? 

Yes, you can get vehicle insurance directly from the insurer. You can also find a suitable policy if you are willing to spend your time and energy on it. 

How to Buy Car Insurance without Paying Commission? 

There are two ways to get affordable and cheapest car insurance by eliminating commission from the premium amount. 

  • Buy Car Insurance Online 

The best method to avoid paying agent commission is by going online. Many insurance companies offer offline and online services to cater to different target audiences. Select a reliable insurer in your region and check their website. 

Look for terms like ‘online quote’, ‘direct quote’, etc., or chat with the support team to know more. You just have to enter the basic information required to generate an online quote for your car insurance. 

Customization is also possible when you choose online automobile insurance. Submit the details through the website. Depending on the insurer, you will get the quote immediately or in a couple of days. Go ahead and compare this amount to other quotes to get a better idea. 

You can get the cheapest auto insurance rates in Georgia if you opt for direct quotes from insurers’ websites. Just make sure to cross-check and confirm that the insurance company is legit and certified. Read the reviews and testimonials on the internet, or ask your friends if they’ve heard about the insurance company.  

  • Visit the Insurer’s Office 

Insurance companies have multiple branches in prime locations. Find a branch near your place and visit the office to buy car insurance. This method is time-consuming and can be complicated. But it is recommended if you don’t have enough knowledge about insurance. A new driver or a first-time car owner will find it easier to talk to someone from the insurance company and get more information about the driving history, speeding tickets, credit score, coverage, liability, deductible, etc. 

After all, you need to know what to do and how to file a claim in case of traffic collisions or road accidents. You also need to know if you are eligible for discounts to get low-cost car insurance. Instead of hiring an agent, you will be working with an employee from the insurance company. Just remember that the employee’s loyalty lies with the insurer. 

Furthermore, the premium amount will be a bit higher than online insurance as it involves more work. The administration expenses are factored in this method, but there won’t be any commission to pay the agent. 

How to Buy Car Insurance Online 

  • Shortlist licensed insurance companies in your region.
  • List out the state’s minimum requirements and compare them with your budget.
  • Collect information about the car (make, model, year, etc.) and keep your personal information ready (address, driving license, etc.).
  • Visit the websites of each insurer and ask for a quote (it is usually a free service). 
  • Compare the quotes and pay attention to the add-ons and coverage terms. 
  • Choose the one that meets your requirements. 
  • Pay online and buy the policy.
  • Renew online or buy a new policy next year.  


It is always a good practice to review your insurance policy once in a while to ensure that it provides the necessary protection for you and your vehicle. Your policy requirements will change over the years, and you should opt for a new policy that aligns with your requirements. It is possible to get affordable auto insurance if you spend some time staying up to date. 


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