How To Choose Between Smoking Kratom Vs Vaping Kratom?

Kratom, which is basically a tree that grows in Southeast Asia, commonly known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is known for its beneficial properties. What basically function are the leaves of this tree that hold in them psychoactive ingredients.

Whether you know or not, Kratom holds many health benefits if used in a safe quantity and after consulting a health specialist. Kratom has been claimed to be genuinely beneficial to reduce body aches, calm anxiety and help overcome withdrawal effects caused by certain drugs, like mushroom products which are all the rage at this time. For Kratom users, it is rare to use it solely to initiate well-being feeling, euphoria and to get high.

Well, there are many consumption methods attached to almost everything and this is why Kratom can also be found in the form of gummies, capsules, powders, vapes, tinctures and even cigarettes. Isn’t it amazing? However, being smokers and vape lovers, people often get this question popped up in their minds, how to choose between smoking Kratom vs vaping Kratom?

Don’t worry! To answer this question, we are discussing with you the benefits of both vaping and smoking Kratom and how you should make a choice between both. So, buckle up!

Vaping Kratom:

One of the common ways to consume Kratom is through vape. When vaping, you come across different options like vaping through pens, vaporizers and e-cigarettes. It works in a way that Kratom is put on a low heat which makes it to vaporize. Below are the major reasons for preferring Kratom vapes;

  • Through vaping, it gets quickly absorbed into the body compared to other methods.
  • The alkaloids present in Kratom are comparatively safer than the nicotine of cigarettes.
  • It usually takes only a few puffs and people start feeling better.
  • Through vaping, lungs deliver Kratom to the blood.
  • Kratom vaping comes handy when you are into quitting the habit of Kratom smoking.
  • As vaping makes the product directly get mixed into your blood, overdosing on it can turn out to be fatal.
  • During vape, when Kratom is heated too much, it might end up losing its effects.
  • It can also cause breathing issues.

Smoking Kratom:

Compared to eating and drinking Kratom, smoking is responsible for faster high effects. Besides smoking, the other and even faster way to introduce Kratom to one’s body is through injecting it directly into the veins, which is not at all recommended.

Majorly, Kratom is available in the market in the form of capsules, tea and powder. The same Kratom powder is then smoked through a pipe or the leaves are smoked when dried. Other information related to Kratom smoking is mentioned below;

  • Smoking Kratom is considered as harmful as smoking marijuana and tobacco because it provides instant relaxation.
  • Smoking Kratom is also harmful because it can cause lung diseases and can increase the risk for cancer.
  • Where other consumption methods of Kratom take 3 to 4 hours to cast an impact, smoked Kratom can bring forth the desired results in 30 to 40 minutes. You heard it right!
  • The effects of smoked Kratom end quickly than the other methods.
  • Smoking can have long as well as short side effects on you.
  • It is also reported that many people have their air sacs tightened when they smoke Kratom and it makes the functioning complicated.

Hopefully, now you know the answer to if you should go for smoking Kratom or vaping Kratom. Both of these show faster results but the results vanish in a short span. On the other hand, smoking Kratom is far more harmful than vaping it.

Nowadays, the sellers of Kratom and other such products are into making money and this is why they prefer shortcuts and sell compromised products. Such products might seem economical to you but they are no less than the poison.

Regardless of what method of Kratom intake you choose but it is a must to use good quality, authentic Kratom which is commonly bought through reputable distributors like Kratom Basket and SA Kratom then there will be almost no chances for side effects. Moreover, the quantity of Kratom also plays a vital role and if increased, it can cause more damage than the benefit.

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