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How to choose the best cricket set for your kids?

Similar to adults, children love to play cricket. Allow them to play cricket after wearing all safety gear. For their safety, you can buy a special cricket set. By supporting their passion in childhood, you may find a future cricketer in them. You will need a cricket set containing a ball, stumps and bat.

For your junior, you will need durable and good quality equipment. It should allow your kid to adapt to the latest styles and strengths of the game. The right kit for kids may prove helpful to bridge the gap between techniques and learning. Remember, cricket requires a fusion of strategy and power. In this scenario, you should not ignore the importance of a cricket kit.

If you have any confusion, you can check out the kids cricket set at Kookaburra. It has all vital elements that are essential for junior cricketers. Indeed, they must wear a complete kit, including helmets, pads, gloves, etc. Here are some crucial elements for junior cricketers to increase their security.


In the first step, you will need a helmet of a suitable size. You can observe the ears and eyebrows to find the right fit. Moreover, cushioning in the helmet is an important factor to consider. Remember, internal padding can bear the impact and save your child from injury.

Cricket Gloves

For the protection of hands and wrists, you will need gloves for a junior cricketer. He should wear them while batting. Gloves become a shield to prevent blisters and absorb the impact of bat vibration. These must be thickly padded over the thumb and fingers for maximum protection. Remember, gloves should not make your child uncomfortable; therefore, choose the right fit.

Best Chest Guard

For the protection of the chest when batting, your child needs a chest guard. A junior cricketer should wear it as a shield from possible injuries because of an out-swinger or bouncer. Moreover, chest guards help you increase the confidence of junior cricketers who feel nervous while playing with a leather ball.

Padding for Legs

In this process, you cannot forget the claves and knees of your child. Leg pads will save them from getting injured during fast deliveries. You have to focus on cushioning when purchasing leg pads. These should allow flexible movement to your child instead of restricting them. However, wrongly sized and designed pads can hamper the game of your child.

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Armed Guard

Just like leg protection, you will need an armed guard to protect the arms of your child. For your junior, you should buy a lightweight arm guard. If an armed guard is uncomfortable, your child will not be able to play freely.

Cricket Bat

A cricket kit is incomplete without a bag. The right bat must align with the height of the cricketer. Make sure to choose a lightweight bat because your child will develop new skills with comfortable movements. The thickness of bat and wood type are important things to consider.

Kashmir willow is durable, but English willow is lightweight. You will need a bat with a higher sweet spot for high hits and long shots. For a junior, you should consider his preferences, weight and height before choosing a kit.

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