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How To Choose The Best Dash Cam

How To Choose The Best Dash Cam? “Best Guide For The Users”

Choosing the best device is not an easy task. Because when we decide to buy any device. Then we get surrounded by so many options that we can’t choose which one is the best which is not. So for choosing the best device, you need to get aware of those features which make that device a best one. And same goes with a dash cam. If you bought a new car and want a dash cam for its security. Then you would obviously need a dash cam which is among the best. But the problem that arises is How To Choose The Best Dash Cam. Isn’t it? So to solve your problem today I am here to guide you how you can choose the best dash cam for you.

There are four types of dash cams. And you have to choose the one according to your needs and choices. Well, I will explain you all the four types of dash cams and will also advise you which one is best. And I will also explain you some features which every dash cam must support. So let’s first have a look at all the four types of dash cams.

Front Dash Cam

So the first type which I am going to explain is the best front dash cam. As you can understand by the name only that this type of dash cam record the front view only. So if you will mount a front dash cam in your car then only the front view will get recorded. The rear view or the view around your car will not get recorded.

Rear Dash Cam

The second type of dash cam is a rear dash cam. So the rear dash will only record the rear view of the car. And the front view or the view around your car will not get recorded.

Front And Rear Dash Cam

Well, the third type is front and rear dash cam. These dash cams will record both the views, fronts as well as rear. So when you will mount your front and rear dash cm in your car. Then you can have the recording of both front and the rear view at the same time. And if you want then only the front or only the rear view can also get recorded. You can choose either of the options to record your road trip.

Mirror Dash Cam

So the last dash cam is mirror dash cam. Mirror dash cams can only be a front dash cam or it can also be the only rear dash cam. And a mirror dash cam can also be a dual lens dash cam. This means front and rear mirror dash cam. The only difference between the mirror dash cams and other dash cams mentioned above is that you can use these dash cams in both the ways. If your camera is recording something then you can view the video on the screen. And if you are not using your dash cam for recording then you can use it as a mirror.

Which One Is The best?

So these are the four types of dash cams. But the best one would be a dual lens dash cam. Because it will record the whole view in and around your car. Such dash cams will never allow you to miss even a single movement recorded. Because both the lens can work simultaneously and will record the whole view. But with single lens camera, the whole view will not get recorded either it is a front or a rear. So it is advised to buy a dual lens dash cam.

And it would be better if you buy a mirror dash cam. As I mentioned above that you can use such dash cams in either of the ways. You can either use it as a mirror or as a display screen of your camera. So a front and rear mirror dashcam would be a perfect choice.

Well, these were the different types of dash cams. And I have also advised you that which one would be a better choice to buy. And now I will explain to you some common features which every dash cam supports. And you also need to be careful whether the product which you are choosing for you support all these features or not. If your dash cam supports all these features then you are buying the best product for you. So let’s have a look at these features.

Features Of Best Dash Cam

Wide Dynamic Range: The very first thing that everyone considers when they buy a camera for themselves is the camera quality. And so you will also first the camera of the device. But will that camera be able to record the clear view in the nighttime or in the dim light situation also? Because if you want to record every moment of your road trip or if you want a proper security for your car. Then your dash cam must be able to record the clear views both in the day as well as in the night. So to check whether your camera will be able to capture clear views in the night also, your camera must support WDR technology.

With WDR technology the lens of the camera adjusts the light exposure to create a brighter view even in the low-light condition. So with the Wide Dynamic Range technology, you will be able to get the perfect night view. And because of this technology only, you can drive even more safely. You will be able to see the road signs clearly and the number plate of the vehicle behind your car. So your best front and rear dash cam must support a WDR technology.

G-Sensor: So the second most important feature that you dash cam front and rear must support is a G-Sensor feature. This feature allows the camera to automatically record and lock the important videos. What will happen if you are going on a trip and something unfortunate happens? It may be an accident or any mishappening. So if you have a dash cam which supports a G-Sensor feature. Then your camera will automatically record the whole view and will also lock that video. And that video will not get overwritten. So you can use that video as an evidence which can prove you innocent. This is how your safety depends upon the dash cam which supports G-Sensor feature. So a G-Sensor feature is a mandatory feature in any dash cam. Because no one is aware when a misfortune can happen. So why to take a risk? Just be careful and prepared all the time.

GPS Module: GPS module enables the camera to also maintain a record of the date, time, speed and location along with a video. And you can view it on your screen. So with every recorded video, you will have a record of the date, time, speed, and location also. So whenever you will view the recorded video then you can get the information of the location where the video had been recorded. The time and date at which it was recorded. And also the speed of your car at which you were driving. So you will be having every single detail of the view along with the video.

And the videos which you will be using as an evidence which was locked by G-Sensor. Then with GPS module, you can have every single detail of that video or an evidence. You will have a detail of the day and time at which that accident occurred. And the location where it occurred. This is how you can utilize this amazing. feature.

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Motion Detection: And the last feature which I considered as a most important feature is a motion detection feature. If you want the proper security of your car even when it is parked then a motion detection feature is the vital feature. As you can understand by name only that the camera will detect every motion which will happen around your car. So if you buy a front and rear dash cam then your camera will detect every motion which will happen at the front as well as at the back of your car.

If you have parked your car then you will have a recording of every single thing which has happened around your car. Suppose one day you find that someone has put a scratch on your car. And you want to reach the real culprit. Then with the motion detection feature, you can find the real culprit. Because motion detection feature allows the camera to record every single motion around your car. It doesn’t matter whether the car engine is on or off or whether you are inside your car or not. So because of this feature, you can reach the real culprit.

Final Words On How To Choose The Best Dash Cam

So this was the complete guide on How To Choose The Best Dash Cam. Well, I have guided you guys that which dash cam would be the best one. And I have also mentioned the features which you have to consider while buying the best dash cam for you. So read the article thoroughly and consider everything then make the best choice for you. If you will follow this guide then you will definitely be able to choose the best dashcam for you.

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