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How to choose the best humidor cabinet to keep your cigar fresh

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A cigar humidor is a useful thing for most of the people who puff cigar every day. It is not easy to recommend just one humidor cabinet and let go. There are certain things to consider when choosing a humidor cabinet for your cigarette. Most people prefer to use traditional wooden humidor. Still, now the wooden humidor is one of the most sold humidors in the world. Your decision to buy any humidor will affect in future. Because we know cigar isn’t just a habit, it is close to heart.

  1. The right size

Before choosing the humidor for your cigarettes, the size is the essential factor. The size matters because the size varies how many cigars you want to carry at a time. Some people prefer to have a small number of cigars at a time, and some may choose to have many cigars. If you are a person who needs to carry more cigar at a time, then you should go for the large version. Not just for the amount of cigar, some people want to have different cigars types at the same time. For that kind of person, they need a bigger space. If the humidor is too large, then the cigars will be more exposed, and if it is small, then the cigar won’t have enough space to stay fresh. If you are looking for a humidor cabinet for your cigars, then you can check out crownhumidors.com. They have a large number of humidors of any size and style. So be sure to check them out.

  1. Portability

A humidor is not only a thing where you keep all the cigars. It is also a part of your style. Most people want to have a luxurious humidor for their cigars. Where you enjoy the most taking cigars. It may be at your own house or maybe outside with your buddies. Most of the time, people want to have an extensive collection of cigars of different brands and flavors. That’s why a humidor cabinet is an excellent option for those people. If you are looking for a humidor which you can carry in your pocket, then a pocket-size humidor can be very useful.

  1. The seal

Before talking about the seal of the humidor cabinet, we need to know something important. Cigars are like to give the best flavor at a certain amount of time like wines. Wines need to be preserved for a certain amount of time before it can reach its peak test. Like wine, the person who has enough cigar knowledge knows how much and what is the optimal environment to get the best out of the cigar. You can find good quality humidor cabinet from here. To check the humidor cabinet’s seal, place the hand near the mouth, and you will feel the woosh of air when you close the door of the humidor.

  1. Harware

Since technology has improved a lot over the year, the new humidor comes with unique and useful features. Since the humidor keeps all the cigars in one place, it is essential to keep the humidor’s temperature in optimal temperature. Otherwise, all the cigars will be rotten. Nowadays, most of the humidor comes with thermometer and hygrometer build in. it may sound expensive, but these two little techs can save many cigars worth of millions. Like the hardware, the hinges and the latches are also crucial for the humidor. The hinges and latches help to keep the cigars intact for an extended period. So make sure to check all things before any humidor.

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