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Picking out the right outfit every single morning for your office can be a tedious job. Especially when you have a hard time getting enough sleep – for getting ready according to your office environment sure does take a good amount of time and energy. If you are someone who is working at a reputable firm or even a small business, you are not only a representative of your company but also speak for yourself around your co-workers. Hence, looking presentable and exuding confidence is crucial for making progress at your job. Following are some hacks that can clearly define your office setting and the type of outfits you will be expected to wear:

Apt for the Types of Jobs and Events

Business casual attire is mostly worn in more laid back and contemporary workplaces. Or can be your day to day semi-formal wear. Thus, going overboard with these is not entirely necessary – you could dress up in the following manner at an internship, a casual networking event or at a content creating, digital industry; where conventional professionalism is not demanded. ClassyGal has an entire range of work attire for women and you can take a look for examples.

Outfit Do’s and Don’ts

Opt for an outfit that is not too gaudy. This can include anything from business dresses to dress pants informal shirts. Bear in mind that the formal dresses should not be too tight or revealing – hence styles like spaghetti sleeves, sleeveless tops unless you’re pairing it up with a blazer, plunging necklines,

Similarly, skirts should not be too fitted or shorter than knee-length. A-line and pencil skirts give a professional, yet sleek look.

Other than that, you can pair up dress pants or khakis with collared shirts, sweaters or formal button-up shirts. Wearing jeans, yoga pants or leggings at an office setting, no matter how casual, is never a good idea?

Footwear and Accessories

You can wear flats and even open-toe heels in a casual office environment, but avoid slippers and sandals. You can pair up your outfit with complementary accessories that do not look too edgy. Hence, even at a casual set-up, chokers, ear-cuffs, and eyebrow piercing must be avoided at all cost.

One staple that any office worker must not forget is a watch; as the saying goes that a man without a watch is a man without discipline. Thus, make sure that you have a watch that matches your bags or shoes – especially if it is strapped.

Dress according to the Season

Loose dresses and skirts work well for the summer season at relaxed workplaces. But they should not be too flimsy and ill-fitting. Make sure that you are choosing fabrics that are made for summer, but not too vibrant.

Apt for the Types of Job and Event

Business formal has rather strict rules associated with it. At more traditional workplaces that usually have to do with accounting, finance and at tech companies, women are expected to dress up in a conservative manner. Furthermore, it is imperative to resort to the business formal manner of clothing during presentations with the CEO, conducting or going for interviews, and during corporate meetings. Any kind of wardrobe malfunction will end up creating a lasting and embarrassing impression on your co-workers.

Outfit Do’s and Don’ts

In a business formal setting, your go-to attires must be business suits or dress pants. Usually, ones that are monochrome are preferred to give a sophisticated and conservative look. Business suits in shades of grey, black, and navy blue are usually preferred – refrain from wearing bright colors, hefty embellishments.

If you are the type of person who enjoys wearing dress pants instead, look for boot cut, cigarette or straight leg styles. But be careful about resorting to tailored garments that complement your figure, and steer clear from pants that are ill-fitting and have bunching at the feet. Pair these up with basics button-up shirts in black or white color; printed shirts with bright colors must be avoided at all costs. Pair these up with suit jackets. Refrain from baring your legs and arms at a formal workplace.

Footwear and Accessories

Minimal jewelry that only enhances your look – but does not come off as unprofessional. That means no nose, lip and excessive ear piercing. The number of rings and necklaces should also be limited. You can always carry a structured bag or matching clutch. Roomy, leather handbags, especially designer handbags, can not only help you carry important belongings and will also give you an executive look! In any case, do not forget your watch.

Pair court shoes with suits; since they are not too high like platform heels. Pick neutral colors a You can wear loafers, oxford or pumps as long as the toes are covered. Look for materials that do not get dirty too quickly – for it gives off a very reckless image if your shoes get scruffy on your way to work.

Furthermore, keep your hair and make-up minimal – something that does not attract too much attention. Focus on looking presentable and tidy instead of glamourous; irrespective of how elite your workplace is.

Dressing According to the Season

Since the formal dressing is a must, irrespective of the weather – choose suits made of lightweight material such as linen. Do not entirely ditch the blazers and suit jackets; instead, its best to take them off at your desk until one is required to make a professional encounter.

Whereas in winters you can always look professional with a turtleneck sweater and heavier, synthetic fabrics – as well as lightweight woolen suits. Or go for coats and cardigans of pastel colors.

In the end, dressing up at your workplace has little to do with looking good but is more of an insight into the type of person you are. Having the sagacity to dress appropriately and the willingness to show up every day, whilst managing to look professional depicts that you are serious about your job! Planning your outfits for the week will save you the time and limited decision-making tendencies that humans have, per day.

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