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How to Clean an Iron

Ironing can be effortless and easy only if you have a great iron to work with. But did you know that merely having a fantastic iron isn’t enough – you have to maintain the iron just as much to ensure that it doesn’t damage your clothes in any way. In case you do end up with a burnt iron, all you have to do is instantly clean it. Just don’t go ahead and continue ironing your clothes with this burnt iron – unless you are okay with big, brown imprints on your clothes and an iron that’s burnt even more!  Hiring a professional to do your iron can be so much easier.  You can find ironing professionals at Helpling.  So here we are, with quick tips to keep your iron spotlessly clean:

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is that multi-purpose cleaning solution that can clear up mess anywhere – right from the kitchen to the bathroom taps. Likewise, baking soda works wonders on a burnt iron too. Simply create a baking soda paste using two spoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. The consistency of this paste should be thick. Gently rub it on the iron plate, without letting the paste enter the steam holes. If it does enter the holes, remove the paste from the holes before you resume ironing again.


This is another powerful ingredient that can be used to clean up a burnt iron quickly. Not only burns, but vinegar will also help you get rid of stains or burn marks on an iron instantly. Soak a towel in vinegar and then place the iron on this towel facing downwards. Keep this aside for thirty minutes, after which you can simply wipe the iron down. All the dirt and corrosion will come off easily on the vinegar-soaked towel right away.

Newspaper and Salt

You can clean your iron with two of the most easily available ingredients too. Set a newspaper on the ironing board, and sprinkle salt evenly across the newspaper. Heat the iron to its highest temperature, and move it in a circular direction over the newspaper. Give it a quick glance as you clean to check if the iron is clean. If not, you can continue till it is visibly sparkly clean. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean your iron.

Nail Polish Remover

When nothing else works, this makeup essential comes to your rescue. To get rid of residue on your iron, soak up a cotton ball in nail polish removing solution. Now you have to use this cotton ball to clean a hot iron, so you better get some oven mitts on. Within moments of contact, the residue will dissolve, leaving you with a shiny, clean iron. This process emits chemical fumes, so make sure there aren’t any kids around as you use this method to clean the iron.

Summing Up

With these easy-breezy ways, you can clean your iron really fast. Timesaving and effortless, once you know these methods you will never feel the need to head to a service centre to get the shine of your iron back! Hope these help! And if you want a professional to do your ironing instead, go to Helpling.


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