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How to Create a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with the Australian Ninja Warrior show. Being one of the most exciting television series available in Australia, the sport entertainment show features everyday Aussies competing in a series of high intensity obstacle courses to have a shot at claiming the grand prize and title of the best Ninja Warrior. If you’re here because you want to bring to life a Ninja Warrior-style challenge at your next outdoor event or party, read on for ideas on finding the best inflatable obstacle course hire Perth can offer.

Go Big or Go Home: Choosing an Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire Perth

If you are planning to attract a large crowd at a community activation event, school fete, local fundraiser, a family-friendly or youth social event, a gigantic obstacle course may be just what you need to catch people’s attention. It’s also guaranteed to entertain friends and family for hours if you are throwing a party in a backyard or outdoor venue big enough for such an amusement. Here are some ideas for your next inflatable obstacle course hire in Perth. And the best part? You can mix and match them up to create the ultimate challenge.

  • DNA Challenge: With 40m of bouncing room, this 3 piece interchangeable unit features a giant inflatable slide, bouncy castle, and obstacle course in one!
  • Cliff Jump: Featuring a 2.8m high platform to jump off onto a bullseye, this inflatable unit can be added to other obstacle courses in the range to give players a final rush of adrenaline after weaving, sliding, and climbing their way to victory. 
  • Xtreme Challenge: Use this unit wet or dry as you race your way through the obstacle course, scale up the climbing wall, and slide down before time is up.
  • The Warrior: Fit for a (ninja) warrior, players can climb, dodge, duck, scale, and weave through the various obstacles on this 23m long inflatable amusement.
  • Aqua Rush Water Slide: Build the water park of your dreams with this 5-part challenge! Featuring 2 obstacle courses, 2 climbing walls, and a slide to top it all off, this is water fun for the whole family.
  • Monster Ultimate Challenge: The only one of its kind in Australia, this massive 60m long obstacle course features 3 slides, 3 climbing walls, and 3 obstacle courses in one!
  • Ninja Challenge: Get your ninja reflexes on as you make your way through pop up logs, scale walls, slip through tunnels, and slide the day away.
  • Wipeout Challenge: This obstacle course will truly test your strength, balance, and agility as you launch yourself from one inflatable ball to the next. Try to reach the end without falling off!
  • Toddler Challenge Obstacle Course: This 10m long inflatable obstacle course is specially designed for younger children ages 3 and up so they can have fun while improving their agility. As an alternative to a standard bouncy castle, kids can spend an afternoon getting active by jumping, dodging, sliding, climbing, and leaping through various obstacles. Older siblings and relatives are also welcome to have a go!

This list really just gives you a taste of the exciting challenges that are possible. Check out Monsterball Amusement & Hire’s website for the complete range of thrilling inflatables!

Design Your Own Ultimate Obstacle Course

Did you know that the longest inflatable course in Australia was created in 2020? From the 7th to the 11th of October 2020, the City of Gosnells hosted the Jump-A-Round event that featured a 400m long obstacle course. The inflatable amusement was made up of a variety of gigantic inflatables, climbing walls, water slides, wipeout challenges, and other fun challenges and activities to cater to different fitness levels. What a way to get people from local communities out and active again! 

The inflatables were provided and set up by Monsterball Amusements & Hire, a local WA business that offers a wide variety of inflatable amusements for any event. You can get creative and mix and match inflatable amusements from their wide range.Their Ultimate Challenge inflatable obstacle course for hire in Perth is completely customisable. Imagine designing your very own water obstacle courses with more than 200 possible configurations to choose from! 

Their inflatables are specially designed so that you can use them individually or hire multiple units to build the obstacle course of your dreams. They will even build an inflatable that you design, which can be a great investment if you are part of a business, school, or council that is planning to re-use the amusement for future events.

How to Set Up an Inflatable Obstacle Course for an Event

If you are planning a brand launch, community activation event, school fete, or outdoor party this summer, amusement hire companies like Monsterball have some great inflatable obstacle course hire Perth packages available. They also have special regional packages, so if you live further from the City of Perth, you don’t have to worry about missing out on some quality entertainment. 

Choose one of their inflatable obstacle courses for hire in Perth and get free delivery up to 30kms from Fremantle. They handle all the setup and pack down, so all you need to do is have adequate power, a level surface, and a clear path for their delivery guys. Sandbags or water drums can be provided if the inflatable will be set up on pavement or bitumen. Either self-supervise the water obstacle course or hire one of their operators for an hourly fee. 

These amusements are suitable for those aged 3 or 5 and above, depending on which obstacle course you decide on! Players (or contestants!) will spend hours having the time of their lives as they race against the clock, challenge their friends, or beat their personal best. So go on, pick a challenge and see what you’re made of!

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