Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
decorate your Home Office

How many times have you found yourself wanting to make improvements in your home to make it look more appealing and elegant without making a dent in your budget? Probably countless! We`ve all been there! Redecorating and redesigning the space in your home usually comes with making a lot of sacrifices in terms of saving money, meticulous planning, and waiting for furniture sales.

However, things don’t always have to be this way especially not now when so many diverse materials and options have appeared on the market. Sometimes all you need is a bit of creativity mixed with a dose of willingness and excitement to create something on your own. Something that will be unique and interesting, yet practical and convenient. Today we will give you examples on how to decorate your home office on a budget with the usage of Plexiglass/Acrylic sheets. Examples that we`re hoping will spark your creativity and imagination to create something on your own. First time hearing about Plexiglass? You are clueless about how to use plexiglass? No worries, we got you covered.

Plexiglas is a glass-like material which is transparent and resilient, yet much more flexible, safer to cut, more convenient to handle, and most prone to breaking and cracking when compared to the traditional glass. Furthermore, Plexiglass is much lighter in weight, 17 times stronger than glass, and it comes in a variety of different colors. In translation, this means that you can have a much more affordable yet more durable alternative to the traditional glass that you can use while redesigning your home office. Although you might have a number of reasons to use glass, there is no need to scarify the safety of the people you love by sticking with it simply because it can shatter to millions of dangerous bits especially not when there is much more durable alternative.

How to incorporate Plexiglas in your Home Office:

As a practical room divider

First thing first acrylic sheets are so sturdy that they can literally be the thing that separates your home office from the other sections of your home. This practical yet simple solution is the best glass for office and will allow you to easily create your very own personal space where you can spend some time working while you are home. Instead of building a literal wall, this type of acrylic room divider is much simpler to mount and remove when you no longer have the need for them whilst creating a classy interior.

Acrylic furniture

Furniture made from plastic? You look surprised? This type of furniture has been on the market ever since the 70s and surely it is here to stay. As we previously mentioned, this man-made translucent material is able to withstand the test of time and remain its structure, shine, and color throughout the decades. The acrylic furniture is not only able to stand the test of time hence of being durable but also because of being see-through which creates visual openness of the space leaving plenty of opportunity other design elements to shine.

How about designing a simple desk for your home office? Redesigning your home office can turn into an interesting DIY project. It is as simple as choosing the size of the desk you need and taking the appropriate measurements. Simple tools plus custom-cut Plexiglass sheets delivered to your doorstep equals one everlasting and unique desk.

Simple DIY projects

Moving on, we have another creative solution for your home office which will fulfill both your decorative and functional needs. Aesthetically appealing yet convenient when brainstorming or planning something ahead, no office (not even a home one) can go without an acrylic board. You surely remember the practical whiteboards seen in your school – well this is their much enhanced and much more modern version. Commonly the sophisticated Plexiglass board is hooked onto the wall with simple brass standoffs which are quite easy to mount. For this project besides the Plexiglass sheet and four standoffs, you will also need a drill bit for plastic, power drill, the will to do this for your home office, and a few spare hours to spend.

 Another simple DIY decorative project is creating your very own frames for pictures from Plexiglass. Commonly the modern floating frames found in stores can cost you a fortune. However, we are more than happy to inform that it doesn’t have to be that way especially if you have the time to make these Plexiglass frames happen for you. The list of supplies you will need is rather a short one and it is composed of: power drill, and Plexiglass sheets. Mark with a sharpie four spots and drill four holes on each of the corners while placing the Plexiglass sheet onto a wooden board in order to protect it from cracking or damaging. Once you are done, you can choose whatever photo you want to display and secure it on the wall with four standoffs.


Don’t be scared to show your creativity and create a functional yet outstandingly beautiful space where you can work from home. Try out new materials, use interesting prints and colors, and apply vivid colors! All of this will enhance your productivity and concentration which is a rather hard thing especially when you are working from home.

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