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The growth of bed bugs is a big problem for hotels and rest houses, they affect their image, and affect client satisfaction.

This situation is challenging for the staff to get rid of and can result in dissatisfaction of the customers.

Like the good running places are known for their cleanliness, suffer from this issue and get questioned for bed bugs.

 Why do You get bed bugs?

Hotels play a quick role in overnight arrangement facilities which often are not done properly and lead to bed bugs production. An increase in travel has lead to the human rush. This let the bed bugs spread easily, traveling from here to there.

How to prevent bed bugs:

Keep your luggage off the floor. 

Use a Luggage rack probably a metal rack.

Bugs are not attracted to metal and bed bugs are mostly like to hide in your suitcase if they are placed on the floor, bed, or cupboard.

Bedbugs measure just 5 millimeters across—smaller than a pencil eraser. These bugs are smart, tough, and they reproduce quickly. Bed bugs’ small bodies enable them to squeeze into tiny spots, like the corners of a mattress or couch, and the folds of sheets.

 Bed bugs detectors

Also, look for them in places like these:

  • Near tags of the mattress and springs
  • In cracks of the bed frame and headboard
  • In baseboards
  • Between couch cushions
  • Furniture joints
  • inside electrical outlets
  • under loose wallpaper
  • underneath paintings and posters on the walls

You can get the advantage of magnifying glass or flashlight to detect these tiny creators. 

How to inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs??

When staying in a hotel room, hostel, or any other overnight accommodation while on holiday, inspecting the room for bed bugs can help you.

1.Mattresses and frames

 Bed bugs often live near food sources. That’s why beds are the best spot for bed bugs.

Fully inspect the Bedsheets, hardboard, check-in between patterns, and move the bed away from the wall to check behind and underneath.

Check out the pillow covers and fitted sheets for bed bugs.

2.Bedside Cabinets:

Look inside drawers and joint cabinets for bed bugs. Check decoration pieces and frames in the room all over.

3.Check for Luggage rack for bed bugs:

Check the frames of the wraps and joints of the stand.

Signs of Bed bugs:

1.Living bed bugs:

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, and round-shaped. They are 6 legged reddish insects. They are 5 mm in size.

  1. Blood spots:

When accidentally gets crushed, bed bugs leave a small red stain.

3.Dark/black Stains:

This is the discharge from bed bugs after a meal.

4.Bed bugs shed their skin:

When in growth in Bed bugs shed their skin. Indications of shedding skin can tell us danger about large infections.

5.Bed bugs Eggs:

Bed bugs lay around 10 batches of eggs usually 200 to 500 eggs in between.

These eggs are white pearly color and can be seen clearly.


How to Get rid of bed bugs:

You don’t need to panic after getting all these signs of bed bugs, Just disinfect your rooms by disinfecting spray. 

One of the most effective DIY solutions for killing bed bugs is dilute rubbing alcohol. Alcohol kills bed bugs as soon as they get in contact with bed bugs. It evaporates quickly and is safer to use than other available products.

The best products are available in the market for getting rid of bed bugs are bed bugs trapping devices, and Bed bugs detectors.

 Bed bugs hate Fresh mint, Cinnamon powder, Alcohol, lavender, and Cayenne pepper. So, Whenever Travelling and staying in hotels, you can carry any of the products casually with yourself and the bed bugs will never come near you and you’ll have a comfortable rest and stay.



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