How To Determine And Address Auto Shipping Issues

They exist. There is no other way. They exist in every business. Things don’t always appear right, and if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Auto-shipping red flags are similar to other red flags. Certain companies have warning indicators that you should avoid. But what are they, and why should we care?


These aren’t easy questions to answer if you’ve never shipped a car before. Luckily for you, we are experts in the field of car transportation. We know how to sell a car at the correct price and how to recognize red flags. More significantly, we know the right way to do things and wish to warn others about the wrong way.


Auto Shipment Red Flags – Identify them and learn about some of the more common ones. Then request a quote to ship with us and discover how simple it is. If you don’t know what to look for, how do you recognize when anything is wrong? It pays to shop around for auto transport. The simplest way to spot potential shippers’ red flags.


It doesn’t matter who you book with for car shipment. Some companies have cheaper deposit prices, and some have partnerships with trucks to transfer autos at a reduced rate. But everyone uses the same 10,000 trucks. Find a business that knows what they’re doing and can accomplish it for a reasonable fee. Find a company with experience and knowledge. Companies with experience tend to last. Also, well-run businesses last.


To succeed in this industry, one must deliver good customer service…and avoid red flags.


Guaranteed Pickup And Delivery- ¬†Guaranteed pickup or delivery is one of the biggest turnoffs for customers. It’s absurd to compare shipping an automobile to shipping something via UPS. Any company that tells you otherwise is a red sign.


Why? Because it isn’t a shipping service. Auto transport trucks haul cars. They are made to safely transport autos. But they’re still transported on the same routes we all use every day. That implies auto transporters face the same challenges as drivers. Detours and reroutes due to traffic or weather. But they also have to stop frequently to pick up or deliver other vehicles.


When you ship an automobile, you rent space on the truck, but there are usually nine other spaces available. So packages frequently go in order of the carrier’s arrival and departure. All of this adds up to one thing: carriers cannot guarantee to pick up or delivery dates. Their pickup or delivery windows are usually 24-48 hours long. To negotiate the US Interstate Highway System, deal with delays, and yet get to you on time. Any company that guarantees a pickup or delivery date is either ignorant of the industry or just lying.


Low Shipping Costs- Be mindful of low costs in general. Money pushes vehicles in the car freight industry. Carriers won’t take low-priced loads since they need to make money. So they hunt for the best-paying cargoes and book them all.


Pricing is too low. This isn’t always a terrible thing; sometimes you don’t have to bother about shipping. So sometimes a cheap price and a few months to ship are great! But this isn’t the case for most. Low costs will only bring bad times unless you’re willing to wait that long.


Money moves cars, as any auto transport company knows. That’s it. So they must ensure that their pricing reflects the ever-changing sector and the many routes. Most businesses have automated it. Some companies price each cargo individually, which ensures consistent pricing.


Some corporations just gouge their customers anyway. At that price, they don’t mind consumers who wish to move for less. However, low costs are a warning. Ignorance or apathy towards customers shows in this. That’s why it’s crucial to compare pricing to see what’s typical. Most companies fall between $100-200; some may be a touch higher or lower, but that’s usually the case.


Bad Ratings – The most essential and easiest red flag to spot is a slew of negative reviews. Nowadays, it’s easy to find company reviews online. With Google Reviews, Yelp!, and other sites, it’s easier than ever to read customer reviews. It’s changing the way we shop online and connect with businesses in general.


It’s the same in car shipping. Auto transport reviews are still one of the finest indicators of a company’s suitability. Obviously, you want to avoid companies with a lot of negative ratings. Avoid companies with few or no reviews, or reviews that are very old. While some shippers disregard reviews, most do. A company with only outdated reviews probably doesn’t do well or isn’t very active in the industry. In either case, it may produce issues in the future.


Find companies with a lot of recent positive reviews. These are companies that actively ship autos for consumers and endeavor to maintain positive feedback. Firms that provide excellent customer service and transfer autos quickly.


If you wish to obtain additional information regarding vehicle transport services, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our dependable representatives here at Auto Shipping Group.


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