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To do your essay research efficiently, you need maximum attention span. Research is always time-consuming. You need a good attention span to come up with something unique. Research shows that people with good attention span perform better than those with shorter attention spans. So, if you want to write a good essay, you must boost your attention span. It is necessary that you have a good attention span.

There are several things that can help you maximize your attention span. In the following section, we discuss some of these things. Choose the most appropriate for you and boost your attention span.

  1. Meditate

When you meditate, you train the mind to avoid distractions. Reliable research shows that meditation improves attention span. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend all time in meditation. Spending just 15 minutes daily in meditation is enough to maximize the attention span. Morning meditation is preferred as it helps increase attention to your research.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness will help maximize your attention span for your research essay. It involves focusing fully, physically and emotionally, on what you are doing. You can practice mindfulness throughout the day for maximum benefits. For example if you are taking a bath, take notice of the pleasure of applying sweet-smelling soap on your skin. By engaging in mindfulness sessions, you will strengthen and also expand your attention span.

By practicing mindfulness, you can also prevent distractions. If you are working on your essay and you feel like doing something else, think to yourself. Think now. Pay attention to your breath for some few seconds. This will push back the distraction and you will be ready to get back to your research.

  1. Get enough sleep

Clearly, lack of sleep affects our productivity. This includes our attention span. If you sleep fewer hours, you are more likely to have a short attention span. In fact, research shows that even minor sleep restrictions affect your attention span.

When handling a research essay, you may think that staying up late would help complete it effectively. But, according to science, you will be doing more harm to yourself than good. This approach will only reduce your attention span affecting how to complete the essay. So, if you wish to maximize your attention span, sleep for the recommended hours. Otherwise, your brain will have trouble functioning optimally.

  1. Exercise

According to Lizz Cruize, a content manager at EssayEver (a custom essay service company) says, “Any form of physical activity improves brain concentration. Whether it is walking, running or engaging in other sports activities, you can boost your attention span”. Indeed, exercises train the mind to ignore distractions. The same way you ignore distractions while exercising is the same way you will avoid distractions while doing your essay. Exercises are also good because they relax your mind in preparation for the next task.

  1. Switch off your phone

With a smartphone on, you are more likely to give in to distractions. For instance, you may be doing your research and a Facebook notification pops up. Ignoring these notifications is very hard. Just like any other normal person, you will want to check the notification first. In such a case, your phone will become a source of distraction reducing the attention span. But, if you switch off the phone, such distractions will be avoided boosting your attention span.

  1. Take breaks

If you focus on your research for long, your attention span will definitely reduce. This is why at some point you may have trouble focusing. In such a case, take a short break. Taking the short breaks help boost the attention span.

  1. Use caffeine

Research shows that taking caffeine helps increase attention span. You may consider taking some hot coffee while doing your research. This will activate your brain and boost your concentration. But, avoid being addicted. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to do your work without caffeine. Take with moderation.

  1. Eat well

Some foods such as junks are known to reduce attention on a single task. Such foods give you high but temporal energy. After a short while, the energy goes down. Then, you will start having challenges focusing on your work. So, eat healthy foods that will supply you with enough energy throughout your study. Healthy foods are known for improving attention span.


Today, we have so many sources of distraction. For instance, we have studies, social media, television, and our friends among others. All these compete for our attention. To have a successful life, we must be in a position to control our attention. This is the same when you want to write a good essay. According to the essay writing service, you must concentrate fully on your research to write a persuading paper. So, you must avoid distractions and maximize your attention span to write a good essay. We have provided a list of eight things that you should consider doing to maximize your attention span for your essay research.



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