How to Expand Your Restaurants Outdoor Dining Reach With Custom Tents

When Covid-19 struck in 2020, the restaurant business took a severe hit. First, it was due to lockdown. And even when things started opening up, there were only a few people who were visiting the eateries due to various restrictions. So restaurant owners had to devise new ways to lure customers in. One, among these measures, was to use custom canopy tents to create safe and socially distant outdoor dining zones for their guests.

The ploy worked as diners began flocking the restaurants again. In fact, despite the resurgence of indoor dining in 2021, many restaurants and diners alike still preferred to use the outdoor dining zone with custom tents.

But why have custom tents become so popular both among the restaurants and customers? According to a recent survey, it was found that:

·         More than 20% customers feel safe eating inside an outdoor canopy tent

·         65% diners said they would prefer to eat outdoors in custom canopy tents even if it’s cold outside

·         82% customers hope that restaurants increase their outdoor dining areas by using canopy tents


Customers’ preference for outdoor dining has encouraged restaurant owners to continue using canopy tents apart from having the indoor setup. It has not only expanded their existing seating capacities but also helped them with numerous other benefits like:

Health Measures: Restaurants have to comply with and implement several health and safety regulations. The outdoor tents help them maintain the Covid-19 Protection protocols. In fact, customers could be thermally scanned before being allowed inside the seating areas. That way, customers also feel safe and are encouraged to visit their favorite restaurants more often.

Cost-effective solution: Custom canopy tents are affordable and could be easily set up. So restaurant owners can order multiple sets of these tents without spending a huge amount of money. Therefore, they can comfortably increase their seating capacity with the tents.

Host events: After feeling cooped up for the last couple of years, people have this urge to reconnect. So restaurants are organizing outdoor events that provide entertainment for their customers. However, one still has to keep in mind about the safety of the diners. Therefore, event tents like pole tents or frame tents are being seen as a solution.

Marketing: Several restaurants also use custom canopy tents to promote their brands. Nowadays, premium brands offer online services which makes the process of ordering tents, that are custom-printed with high-quality graphics, far easier. This helps restaurateurs achieve two goals with one investment.


There are various ways through which you can integrate outdoor dining with your existing place. We list a few methods for you to consider:

Patios: They are the most used areas to attract customers to your restaurants. Patrons can make themselves comfortable while they enjoy their food and drink. All you need is a canopy tent to cover the area and your deal is done.

Sidewalk seating: They don’t take up much space and you could easily spruce up outdoor dining with a few umbrella-topped tables and comfortable seats.

Rooftops: Rooftop dining provides excellent skyline views for diners to enjoy while they eat and drink.


Listed below, you will find the most common canopies used by restaurants for outdoor dining purposes:

Patio umbrella:

This selection is broken into two categories: Business and Premium. Business umbrellas have a slimmer center support pole, making them compatible with most outdoor tables that possess an umbrella mount.

The Premium range, more like pergolas, features a larger pole profile and can be ordered with a mounting base for portable use or a foundation on flat surfaces. These accentuate the appeal of your outdoor dining area with their unique appearance. You can add furnishing, hang string lights underneath and then place them on your patio or any open space to extend your dining area.

Cantilever umbrellas:

The canopies extend outwards from a side leveraged frame, as opposed to bearing a traditional center pole. This allows for increased access to the shade below and also features height adjustment and full rotational function.

Clear-span outdoor tent:

One of the most sought after tents, they score for their charm, appeal and long-term usage. They also provide protection from weather and are known for their durability.  With no poles in the interior of the canopy, it provides flexibility for diners to move about freely.

Custom printed pop-up tents:

If you want to set up an outdoor dining space independently, you can order custom printed pop-up tents. They can also have personal customizations such as your business name and logo printing on the fabric, accessories, doors and windows, as well as an assortment of interior linings and drapes that create a comfortable ambiance inside.


Before buying outdoor custom tents for your restaurant, you should consider a few aspects:

Convenience: If you don’t want to set up a permanent outdoor dining facility, you should go for a canopy which is convenient to install. You should also think about canopies that are portable, easy to transport and store.

Custom Size: You can customize your canopies depending on the space. However, avoid buying tents that are smaller than 10×10 custom tent or 20×10 size.

Weights and rain gutters: These are two crucial aspects. Weights ensure that your canopy is secure to the ground even during high winds. Rain gutter, on the other hand, prevent water logging atop the canopy.

Material: If you are investing in something, you would want the product to be durable. This is true in case of canopies as well. So you should choose custom tents that are made of materials that will last. 

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