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Payday loans are a game changer as they offer quick loans to customers through their credible lenders. Most payday loan lenders provide a maximum loan of $5000 through their accessible and straightforward website.

Good payday loans don’t conduct a credit check, offer great interest rates, and have a considerate repayment plan. That’s why you need to choose an online lending platform. This post will focus on how to secure top loans from credible lenders. Let’s dive right in.

1. Viva Payday Loans – Best Payday Loans Online No Credit Check

Viva Payday Loans is a leading online lending platform with many top lenders providing unique services to their users. It helps you secure quick loans that will push you until your upcoming payday. They provide a maximum loan of $5000 to their users, and you can apply online.

It also comes with a two years repayment plan as well as a minimum of 5.99% APR. Similarly, they don’t conduct massive credit checks, so you’ll easily qualify for the loan. Once your application has been approved, the money will be deposited into your account in less than 24 hours.


  • Provides unmatched customer service
  • Their minimum APR stands at 5.99%
  • They deposit the money in your account the same day.


  • Not accessible in certain states

2. Credit Clock – Best for Quick Cash Loans

Credit Clock is a unique online lending platform with credible lenders who provide loans between $100 to $1000. You’re provided with all the necessary information for clarity upon application. Their online application is simple, and their loan APRs range between 5.99%-35.99%. Their repayment plan is between 3-6 months.

Their application doesn’t require a lot of formalities, and they also don’t conduct extensive credit checks, so you can rest assured to secure a loan even with a lousy crest score. Once your application has been approved, the loan will be instantly deposited into your account.


  • They offer cash advances.
  • They have a straightforward application process.
  • Mainly deals with instant loans.


  • Applicants must meet the required criteria.

3. Heart Paydays – Best for Installment Loans

Heart Paydays is one of the best and most trusted online lending platforms that provide their applicants with great lender connections who provide high-end maximum installment loans of $5000 if approved. You can still secure the best loan deals available even with a bad credit score.

They have a repayment plan of a maximum of 2 years which is convenient as it provides you adequate time to repay the loan in full.  Similarly, their APR fees stand at 5.99%-39.99%, which isn’t bad for the kind of loans they offer. Moreover, they’ll deposit the money into your account once their lenders have approved you.


  • They don’t conduct extensive credit score checks.
  • They have a repayment plan of a maximum of 2 years
  • The loan is deposited to your account instantly after approval


  • Certain states don’t enjoy their services

4. Very Merry Loans – Best for Same Day Payday Loans

Very Merry Loans is also a great online lending platform that collaborates with top lenders who provide their customers with quick cash.  Their website has an online calculator that’s supposed to assist you in knowing the pay schedules and the APRs charged on the loan amount you take.  They don’t conduct credit checks on their users before providing loans which is a bonus.

Once they approve your online applications, you’ll be linked with the best lenders who will deposit the loan in your account within 24 hours.  Currently, their APR stands at a minimum of 5.99%. Their repayment plan is quite extensive to provide enough time to pay the loan.


  • It doesn’t have many formalities
  • It comes with a loan calculator
  • Funds are provided the same day


  • It comes with a maximum APR of 35.99%

Final Thoughts

Theres nothing wrong with taking out loans if you have an emergency or you’re going through a financial crisis.  What matters is that you secure the correct type of loans with reasonable interest rates and a considerate repayment plan.

With Viva Payday Loans, you’re guaranteed to secure top loans from top lenders who offer well-valued interest rates and a reasonable repayment plan to give you adequate time to repay the loan.

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