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Spider veins are basically a milder form of varicose veins but it looks like a web of a spider that is running under the skin. These kinds of veins don’t create pain or discomfort but are comfortable physically and cosmetically. So, to get rid of this appearance, sclerotherapy is the best treatment you can have.


Sclerotherapy is a minimal procedure for treating spider veins by injecting chemicals which are commonly known as Sclerosing agents. These chemicals are injected into the damaged veins to remove any kind of pain and side effects due to infections.

Areas to be treated by sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy eliminates spider veins at any part of the human body. But varicose veins or specifically spider veins which are smaller than the former ones develop on legs and feet the most.

Spider veins are smaller than the varicose veins and are closer to the skin surface in comparison to varicose veins. These veins may appear purple, red or blue in color. Sclerotherapy used for treating spider veins can be done depending upon the size of the veins on the below-mentioned body parts:

  •         Anus
  •         Feet
  •         Calves
  •         Face; specifically on the sides of the patient’s nose
  •         Thighs
  •         Ankles

Working of sclerotherapy

The time period of the treatment therapy depends solely on the severity of your condition. Well, it can take 15 minutes to a full hour.

Initially, the doctor will clean up the affected area of your skin and inject a Sclerosing agent (it can be sodium tetradecyl sulfate, polidocanol, hypertonic saline solutions) with the help of a needle. This injected chemical seal shuts the walls of the damaged veins which make the blood flow into the veins which are not affected. Meantime, these damaged veins are absorbed by the patient’s body so that it becomes less visible and reduces the discomfort.

Things that need to be done prior to therapy

Before getting into any professional center for getting this therapy, you should consult your healthcare provider to consult whether you should get this treatment or not.

Once you decide to get the therapy, you need to avoid some kind of medicines a few days before the procedure starts. These medicines include over-the-counter-drugs, herbs, and specific dietary supplements. You are not allowed to apply any kind of lotion before the procedure starts. All these precautions will prevent your skin from getting bruises. Moreover, you should avoid getting your affected area shaved in order to reduce the chances of irritation.


You may experience burning or cramping in the area that has been injected. It can be painful, resulting in swelling, skin discoloration, stinging or may cause some kind of skin allergic reaction to the chemical injected. And you may have a blood clot formation in the affected area because of this therapy.

Once you are done with your treatment sessions, doctors may recommend you to wear compression stockings for getting fast recovery to eliminate this discomfort soon. 


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