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How to Initiate the Building Process of Your New Custom House!

Are you searching for How to Initiate the Building Process of Your New Custom House? then you are in right place  Buying a house is a huge step in anyone’s life but equally momentous is the decision to opt for a customized home. Though it can be tiring and taxing to design and plan a whole custom home, at the end of the day you will have the satisfaction of getting the results you wanted in the first place.

Custom design homes are all the rage right now as they not only give you the power of taking decisions and making choices during the whole process, but they also reflect your style, choice and personality. From being in charge of your budget to selecting the perfect building material, you are the boss. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, keep in mind that it’s not as easy as it sounds and you will need professional help to guide you through the whole process.

Here we outline a few basic steps to help you initiate the exciting process of building your own custom house.

Always Go for a Professional

As smart as you may be, it is always better to let the specialists do their job. In order to get one of the best custom built homes Melbourne, it is recommended that you hire an architect and an interior decorator and brainstorm with them.

They will not only be up to date with the local licensing laws but can also lay down the proper ground work by creating the floor plans with you. This takes a couple of weeks of in-person meetings and it is always a good idea that you share what you have in mind with the architect and the decorator.

Keep an open mind for suggestions and make sure that you convey your project budget to the hired firm as early as possible so that they know exactly know how much they can put in the project.

Get Involved in Creating the Floor Plan

Once you have hired an architect, it is time to lay the ground work for your custom house and it’s only logical that you do it with your architect and design firm. The floor plans are known as schematic designs and give a rough layout of the floor plan. Here you will be able to give your valuable input regarding the design of your house but as mentioned before, keep an open mind to suggestions from your architect and decorator.

This whole process can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on your initial plan and any changes that are subsequently made to it.

Bring in the Contractors

Once you have finalized your floor plans and are satisfied with them, it is time to bring in the contractors. Since custom design homes are catered to the client’s needs, it is important to interview a number of contractors thoroughly before deciding on the best one.

Make sure you go through the contractor’s work experience, visit the job sites and always ask for referrals. Lay out your floor plans and ask for an estimate which can take another couple of weeks. Patience is the key over here.

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Shop till You Drop

There are plenty of interior decor themes to go about. But do have plants as a part of your decor scheme. You can get decorative planters to elevate your decor plans further. Of all the options available, select the ones with classy design options, lightweight, and the ones that can sustain their looks throughout the changing weather conditions, such as Fiberglass Planters.

One of the benefits of opting for a custom built house is that you are literally in charge of everything. From floor tiles to door knobs; you have the say. That said, this can be over-whelming even for those of us who love to shop. While the architects finalize the construction drawings, you can enlist the help of an interior decorator. This will not only help you in coordinating the things around the house but will also prevent you from going over-board.

Give yourself 3-4 weeks to look around and then shop. One of the advantages of hiring an interior decorator is that he/ she can work around the theme of your home and give you better alternatives in case you seem to go above your estimated budget. Keep a clear mind and always stick to your list. If you shop ahead of time, you won’t be over-whelmed and swamped with these chores at the time of construction.

Time to Get your Permits Ready

Before the construction begins, you have to get your permits ready. Depending on the area and the scope of your project, it can take a few days and in some cases even a few months. There is a permit fees that can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. So keep this amount in mind when you are budgeting for construction and its related costs. In order to save time, as soon as you finalize your floor plans, file for a permit so that construction process can begin without any delay.

You are Ready!

Once you have submitted your plans for permit and have purchased the required materials, it is time to seal the deal with your contractor by writing up and signing the construction contract. Your contractor will be involved in the process and he/ she can guide you regarding the total construction cost.

If the total is more than your estimated budget, your contractor can advise you ahead of time regarding ways you can reduce the total cost. Before signing the contract, read it carefully. Contractor’s insurance, work scope, working hours, payment schedule and warranty should be clearly mentioned in the contract.

Be Patient!

Since custom built homes Melbourne are all about customized details, patience is the key to building a beautiful home. Though the whole process may seem tedious, tiring and lengthy, keep in mind that every single step you take will bring you closer to your dream house.

The details and the effort that you put in the project will reflect your hard work. Getting frustrated during the whole process will negatively impact your entire construction team, so keep up a positive front and keep your eyes on the final prize!

Building Your Dream House Requires Careful Planning, Heaps of Patience and a Good Team! Always Remember that Haste Makes Waste.

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