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How to join the Merchant Navy in India?

Are you searching  for How to join the Merchant Navy in India?A career in Merchant Navy is very exciting and lucrative. There are many courses (including degree and diploma courses) available, which enable you to work in this highly commercial and professional as an expert. It is important that you choose a good Institute and do your studies well enough to attain a satisfying position in the navy and enjoy all the perks, privileges, and remuneration associated with it.


All kinds of merchant marine fleets or merchant navy vessels that are duly registered within a given country are called as merchant navy. Merchant Navy is essential and crucial in today’s globalised era and has its roots well laid since ancient times. Merchant ships carry a wide range of goods and products across nations, regions, and continents through the sea route.

A career in Merchant Navy is quite exciting and lucrative. Those in this skilled profession can travel across the globe, and visit many countries while being on job. A career in Merchant Navy is not like that in Indian Navy, as the Indian Navy is a defence organization that specializes in offering security to the country’s marine boundaries. Merchant Navy ships and vessels are on the other hand, are concerned with commercial activities only.

Eligibility conditions for joining the merchant navy

One can embark on a Merchant Navy career soon after finishing class 12th or intermediate by joining any of the merchant navy courses. It is essential that you have subjects including mathematics, chemistry, and physics in classes 11th and 12th if you want to get employed in Merchant Navy as an officer. Some aspects of Merchant Navy employment include:

  • Both male and female candidates can join Merchant Navy as an officer or in any other category.
  • The candidate should have a normal eyesight. Minor variation (up to + or – 2 .5 are allowed).
  • The written examination is held and a merit list is prepared for selecting the best candidates.

There is also a personal interview as well as a thorough medical test, once the main written examination is over. The most popular courses that can provide you are lucrative and Officer Grade career in the Merchant Navy includes:

  • B.E. (Bachelor in engineering) Marine Engineering
  • B.E. Naval Architecture
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.Sc. Marine Catering
  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering

If you want to join the Merchant Navy as a Marine engineer or a deck officer you would have to study for duration of 3 to 4 years at a Marine Institute or college. If you want to join Merchant Navy immediately after 10th class, you can join it after pursuing the GP rating, Diploma in Nautical Science (NCV), and/or the commercial diving course, among others.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities in this field are immense. Merchant Navy takes the form of bulk carriers, tankers, containers, ships, cargo ships, passenger ships, refrigerator ships, the barge carrying ships, on-roll or off-roll ships, and other kinds of ships and Marine vessels. Indian marine institutes provide officers including Deck Cadets as well as other staff for Merchant Navies is worldwide. Denholm (UK), Wallem Ship Management (Hong Kong), and Chevron and Mobil( USA) are some of the most reputed Marine organizations.

Job roles at merchant navy

Following are some of the job roles at merchant navy.

  • Marine engineer
  • Electro Technical officer
  • Navigation officer
  • Ship crew (Catering and Hospitality staff, includes stewards, housekeepers, and Chef among others).

Obviously, the higher the degree the more attractive remuneration or salary a candidate will get. Monthly salary at Merchant Navy may range from 30,000 per month to as much as 8,00,000 per month.

Merchant Navy is arguably one of the best places to work. It is important that you choose your career path early on and do the required studies successfully in order to get the best rank and salary.

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