Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The law of love compels us to love others as ourselves, and not to do to others what we would not like to be made. If only we could all observe this basic principle in our relations with our loved ones and all the other people besides, I imagine how much the world would be better! Because yes, it is possible to live in peace with everyone and love is the way.

Fear of losing someone or something, dependence and resistance to accepting life as it is, can become a source of suffering, anxiety and stress for us. When we do not want to accept that a situation or circumstance is finished or transformed because we are attached to it, we enter a harmful cycle. Accepting the end of a cycle, giving way to transformation, moving forward and keeping good memories is often a difficult task that ends up making us unhappy before the acceptance phase. Empty our cup to reuse it, leave the past behind, let go and open to novelty. Trusting life and accepting reality is often a hard job that requires physical and spiritual strength.

Pain, suffering and mourning a must

It is necessary to integrate things that end and let go in order to give place to novelty or transformation. Accepting the involution, the phase of pain, suffering and mourning is a necessary step to reach the state of grace and allow new growth to occur.

How to get rid of your ego to truly be yourself and enjoy your life?

Resistance is the mind. Our negative thoughts are another source of anxiety, our ego is there to protect us and prevent us from taking risks that could put us in danger. Listening to one’s ego is normal, but it should not paralyze us and prevent us from evolving. Do not allow our ego to fall asleep and do not accept to live a life of convenience and because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone.

Let us be authentic and fully accept who we are, with our qualities and our faults, our fears and our strengths. Accept our imperfection and be happy with what we are. In this way we can give beyond our expectations and societal pressure that forces us to adopt masks, to want to enter a model that does not look like us.

What does it mean to leave your comfort zone?

Getting out of your comfort zone is daring to go further to an unknown area or situation and explore it without fear of losing what reassures us today. Expanding our comfort zone does not mean completely changing our habits and losing what we have. We will simply expand our fields of opportunity and open ourselves to a world of new opportunities.

Let go and live in peace:

Letting go results in full acceptance of our reality and learning to flourish with our current situation. Letting go does not mean giving up our dreams, or staying in an uncomfortable life, this attitude is not incompatible with the action, it does not mean to remain still, to stop the changes or the achievement of objectives. Let’s take advantage of what we have in the present moment and continue to dream, trust in life, stay positive and live in total fullness and peace despite our reality. So that’s why let it go, live in peace and try to find a life path. There are also many online life path calculator available on the internet which can help you to find the real you.

The power of the present moment:

When one offers no resistance to life, one finds oneself in a state of grace and well-being. And this state no longer depends on circumstances, good or bad. The fear of losing will no longer be there since the addiction will be gone. And life will begin to flow easily. Letting go is the most important thing we can do to bring about positive change. The true “non-doing” implies the absence of inner resistance and a state of intense vigilance.

With letting go, we no longer need the defenses of the ego and false masks. We become very simple, very real. “It’s dangerous,” said the ego. You will be hurt. You will be vulnerable, but what the ego does not know is that only by renouncing the resistance, by becoming vulnerable, do we find our true and essential invulnerability. To let go is to accept inwardly that which is without reserve. Letting go does not transform what is, at least not directly. He transforms us. To consciously choose awakening is to renounce attachment to past and future and to make the present the main focus of our lives.

By Pooja

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