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Mental Health this Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate with your far and close family, but this year it may be a hard time and very different from all the previous years. The lack of normalcy can take a toll on several people’s mental health, and they may feel more down and depressed during holidays than they usually do. Here are a few fun tips that will help you keep your mental health elated. 

  1. Be Realistic:

First things first, no matter what you do, Christmas this year cannot be as grand as always, hence you have to set your expectations realistically. You cannot circle around the thought of wishing to celebrate it like you normally do, as it will only make you feel lower and more depressed. Setting your mind to accept what is possible this year will help in taking away the extra burden you may be carrying around in your mind. 

  1. Address Your Loneliness:

No doubt, most of the year we have felt detached and lonely because of maintaining social distancing. Unable to invite your guests’ home during the festival can be heart-breaking. You cannot be physically around people, but you can always make use of technology to connect with your faraway friends and family. Arrange for a virtual party on Christmas eve so you do not feel lonely during the festival. 

  1. Do Not Cancel Celebrations:

Yes, you cannot invite guests’ home, but that does not mean you cancel away your usual celebrations. You can always have an intimate celebration with your immediate family living with you. Take it as an opportunity to spend quality time with your own family rather than sulking about not arranging a large party. When planned right, even a small celebration can be as fun as the large-scaled ones. 

  1. Arrange Good Wine and Dine at Home:

Good food can always uplift your mood, hence cook a small festive meal for your family along with making fun drinks by following a special Christmas punch recipe. Take the help of all members to cook the meal so you can all have a nice chat, enjoy your drink and cook for the festival dinner. 

  1. Decorate Heavily:

Just because you are having an intimate Christmas does not mean you skimp on the decorations. Decorations and colors around you will elate your mood hence decorate your home heavily like always, both indoors and outdoors. 

  1. Create New Traditions:

You may have followed a certain tradition every year which may not be possible to follow during the pandemic hence why not create a new tradition this year? You are not inviting people over for dinner, but you can always donate food to the homeless and needy. Extend a hand to the community service to make it more meaningful as Christmas is about spreading joy. 

Thinking about what you could not do this year is not the way to go about it, think of what you have instead. A lot of families have lost their loved ones this year, if you are not one of them celebrate the health of your family this festival and give it a new meaning. 

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