How to look after your shoes day after day with few quick steps

Give them a light wipe down before and after each use with a brush and cloth. Restoring the shine and prolonging the life of your shoes is as easy as that!

One of the most important things to remember about leather is that it needs special care and nourishment. Polishes that disguise the natural creases in the leather are not necessary; creams that nourish and protect it are more helpful. The best creams are of a creamy consistency, since these types of creams are able to better penetrate the leather.

Brush your shoes with natural brushes that are long and soft. These will polish more effectively. Condition your shoes after each polishing session, too.

Use a tiny amount of cream conditioners to start with. Apply as needed. The finished look is achieved by allowing the cream to penetrate without clogging up the pores. Applying too much cream will only prevent the leather from breathing. Less is more!

Shoes should not be cleaned when they are wet. This will ruin the leather. Wait for them to dry at room temperature, and keep them away from sources of heat. If the shoes are very wet, stuff them with a small towel to draw out the moisture. Let them be until completely dry.

Leather shoes can take at least a day to dry out after they’ve been exposed to moisture. To avoid wearing your shoes on consecutive days, try alternating their use with other shoes. Always wear socks with your shoes, and always use the shoe horn to put on your shoes. If you do these things, the back of the shoe won’t get bent out of shape.


Before you start shinning your shoes, you have to do some prep work. Clean them off with a damp cloth and light spray of water to remove any dust or dirt that might have accumulated. This way they are clean and ready for conditioning. Wait until they are fully dry before applying polish.


Cleaning shoes is a difficult job, but the one thing you have to do first is buff the shoe until it’s squeaky clean. It’s not hard to buff shoes at all. Use your brush to do the job. Brush in even strokes across the entire shoe, including the soles.

Don’t get discouraged if you see scratches develop on the leather after you’ve polished it. These scratch marks will be repaired by the conditioner and removed. You should avoid using the brush on any suede leather shoes, as it will be terrible for the leather.


Silky, supple leather needs to be moisturised. For the best results, use a pea-size amount of conditioner and apply it to your shoes regularly. If you want a glossy shine, don’t put on too much shoe polish.

Carefully apply cream to your shoes in layers and with light circular motions. Buff until you’ve covered the entire shoe and then wipe away the excess product.

Allow the cream to dry for up to 10 minutes before buffing it into the leather with the longer end of the brush. Avoid applying to sharp edges or perforations, because it can be hard to clean.


Wipe down your shoe using a cloth and then, using circular motions, shine up the whole shoe with your finger. Finally, use another cloth to shine up the toe and heel of your shoes. You’re all set

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