How To Make Swiss Friends

Making friends is always tricky, especially if you are in a different country. Both introverts and extroverts face trouble adjusting to a new environment. Swiss people are more reserved and privacy-loving than ordinary people, making it harder to make Swiss friends. So what should you do? Here is an extensive guide on how to make swiss friends-

Finding The Right People

We generally make friends with people who share our common interests or share the same environment in our bustling daily lives. You can find friends at your workplace or institute. It is essential to locate the group of people who can be potential friends. As Swiss people are more reserved, it might be harder to find people who share your interests; the key is to observe them before approaching.   

Approach First

Swiss people usually tend to stay in their bubble of friends they have known for a long time. To make friends with them, you need to make the first move. Put efforts into meeting people and understanding them. Understanding the distinction between friends and mere acquaintances is the key here. Swiss people are different from the rest of Europe and even the world. What might seem like being friends from your point of view might be just them being polite.  

Give Them Time

Do not expect to make quick friends. Give them time to trust you and understand you better. Coming from different cultures creates a variety of opinions, thinking patterns, and differences in what might be deemed acceptable. What might be expected in your culture might be unusual for Swiss people. Giving them time to accept you and your opinions will open the doors for an honest friendship. 

Take Help From Technology

With the digital world expanding and taking up every corner in our lives, why not let it help you make new friends? Various websites and apps are available that allow you to choose the group of people you might want to be friends with based on your preferences. You have to select the activities you would like to do ( hiking, swimming, concerts, etc.) or places you want to hang out at ( local restaurants, cafes, movie theatres, etc. ). Based on this, you can participate whenever there is a meeting with people of the same interests. Not only will it help you to find friends, but it will also give you a deeper and richer experience of the Swiss culture.

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Using Language Barrier As A Stepping Stool 

 One of the things that are potentially hindering you from finding a Swiss friend is the language barrier. Based on where you live in Switzerland, the locals may speak Swiss-German, Swiss-French, Italian, or Romansh. Learning a new language by yourself is always harder. Join a language learning course to help you with your language skills while making new friends. An exciting option is that certain classes or colleges allow you to learn a local language to teach them your native language. This teaching-learning dynamic might help you make new friends as you will be spending a lot of time with them. Don’t let language stop you from anything! 

Understand The Need For Space

 Swiss people are reserved and might take more time warming up to you before considering you as a friend. Friendship is a two-way road. You need to understand the other person’s needs too. They might want to take a few steps back at times. It’s okay, don’t lose hope. Be patient and wait; things always get easier over time. 

Join Clubs

Swiss people love clubs. There is a club for everything. Joining a club is one of the easiest ways to slip into society. Take up any club of your choice and meet people there. The club is like a small society of its own. When you join a club, you are entering the small community club created. The people are more likely to be drawn to you as you share the same club interests with them. Joining a club gives you a headstart in fitting in with locals. Conversations start more effortlessly and faster. You are more likely to find your group of friends at a club than anywhere else. 

Don’t Limit Yourself, Explore

Don’t restrict yourself by choosing your friends from your workplace or neighbourhood alone. Friendships bloom at the most unusual of places. Attending seminars, joining clubs, exploring local libraries or cafes, anything that might interest is worth exploring. When you explore, you better understand the people, place, and culture, exposing you to a wide range of people who might want to be friends with you. Don’ stand still waiting for someone to approach you! 

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