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How to Manage Your Android Gallery and Get Rid of Duplicate Photos

Duplicate photos is a common issue for every android user as every user loves to click numerous pictures and then share it with everyone. These duplicate photos occupy chunks of space in your phone and eat up the memory unnecessarily. Duplicate photos and similar photos even clog up the overall storage and need to be removed. Now if you are searching for how to get rid of duplicate photos, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is always available.


Why Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

This amazing Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro helps in finding exact or similar duplicates in order to grab the space back. Other features include:

  • Optimized photo gallery: If you wish to enjoy each and every moment through the gallery, it is also required that the gallery is also optimized. 
  • Ease of use: As the app already possesses an intuitive interface, it is best for any new user who doesn’t have a great idea about using applications.
  • Recover space: Because it can scan the entire device properly and at its depth to delete unwanted duplicate photos, get ready to recover space for yourself.
  • Advanced algorithm: As this duplicate photo remover is equipped with advanced algorithm and design, photos are judged on metadata, pixels and other criteria which isn’t usually visible to everyone.
  • Fast and accurate results: This application is known for faster and accurate results during scanning.
  • Auto marking of duplicates: The best part about this photo cleaner is that all the available duplicates are marked automatically. One can view the duplicates and decide manually which photos need to be kept or removed. If everything seems good, just one single tap can remove all the duplicates instantly. 


How to Get Rid Of Duplicate Photos on Android Phone?

Although you always have a chance to delete duplicate photos manually, you need to search them up one by one on your phone. It takes an ample amount of time and energy to undertake the process. It is fine to do so but when a free application is there to help you out, you can rely on it for all the worries of removing duplicate photos and getting the space back. 


Now all you have to do is go through the steps mentioned below.


Step 1: Download and install the application called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from Google Play Store.

Step 2: As the application is opened, you will be greeted with a sleep interface where clear instructions are mentioned. 

Here you can choose one of the three options available.

  • Full system scan: This is the preferred option as it scans out the whole phone or system to find the duplicate photos.
  • Camera images: As the name suggests, this option finds out images from the folder of camera images only.
  • Select folder: Choose any particular folder to scan out duplicate photos and let the app help you.


Step 3: Choose Full System Scan to scan out the entire phone so that all the duplicates and similar images are found out. 

Step 4: Wait till the scanning takes place and let the results display in front of you. 

Step 5: Interestingly, the duplicate photos will be auto-marked here beside original photos. You can review all the photos here and click on the trash icon on the bottom right corner to delete all the duplicate photos. 


Step 6: You can even choose the similarity level that is required for scanning and set up the criteria for the further process. This bar level is helpful in getting required results.



Have you tried scanning the images yet? If not, try them today. Download the application Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro in your android phone and let it scan the whole phone completely for you. With this application, not only can you find out exact duplicates but also exact and similar images. Get precise results specifically back in your phone and feel the lightweightness after the system goes smooth and clutter free. 

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