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Marijuana is a hot cake, even for those who don’t consume it. Many states that have legalized recreational and medical marijuana present several opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their hemp store in CA.

Introduction to Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The dispensaries have legal license to purchase marijuana from vendors and sell it to consumers who have physician prescriptions. The dispense hemp consists of a physician on the panel of directors to ensure that treatment is of conventional standard. The dispensary offers patients alternative medicines to pain killers and side-effect causing harmful drugs.

The following article guides you through the necessary steps to open your weed dispensary. Read on to know where is the hemp store.

Step 1: Evaluate your Commitment and Eligibility

    • You have to remember that marijuana meets none of the highly addictive definitions laid down by the Schedule of Narcotics.
  • The business is not suited for people looking for quick financial gains. It takes time, and you have to be patient and motivated to keep moving in this domain.
  • Make sure you do background checks on your investors and employees. If you have a criminal background, it rules your eligibility to open a hemp store in CA.
  • Check marijuana legalizations in your state. If the state does not have any supporting law, it is not advisable to open your store. Make sure you run a legal business that is risk-free.

Step 2: Research

    • The business has to abide by several rules and regulations. For instance, looking for payment methods in the weed business is a complex process that needs several thoughts.
  • Every successful hemp dispense owner needs to understand both the current and the future laws regarding sales and production.
  • Before starting your hemp store online, take some time to read the detailed database of the Marijuana Laws and Penalties of every state in the States.

Step 3: Find a Compliant Rental Property

  • When you find a rental property, make sure it will be compliant with future laws. A non-compliant property poses the risk of closing down your business.
  • Have open conversations with your landlord to know about their support in case of any pressure from law enforcement.
  • Besides, choose a location that is convenient and comfortable for customers to visit. You can find many online resources while looking to buy a marijuana-friendly location for your hemp store in CA.

Step 4: Time to Write a Business Plan

The weed business is saturated, so it is significant to write down a professional and a solid business plan before moving ahead. Remember to,

Access Capital

  • Start by writing the ways to access capital that is the most challenging part of the hemp industry. Make sure you have a compliant property under your belt before talking to your investor.

Budget Estimates

  • Write a business plan that has a clear and concise budget. Talk to the local wholesalers to find the cost of the products in your area. 

Other product cost considerations include,

  • License cost and application fee
  • Rent cost
  • Security
  • Staff salary
  • Transportation and storage costs

Competition Research

  • You have to research the unlicensed operator in your demographics who is your potential competitor. You can browse through the local advertisements to find about them. Know whether the law enforcements allow these people to function freely or try to get rid of them. This information is of great significance for your business plan.

Know your Market

  • Identify your customers and their demand helps in the marketing and pricing strategy of your hemp dispensary.

Step 5: Get your License

    • You have to remember that acquiring a medical marijuana license is difficult and expensive. Have enough resources for an application fee that varies from state to state.
  • For more information, look at the state’s Retail and Medical Marijuana Application Process to know about the actual application process.

Step 6: Get Legal Products

Make sure you get a good product legally that ensures the success of your business. Many dispensaries have their own cultivation facility and which is mandatory in some states. You can customize your products that suits your customer choices of dabs, oils, edibles, or concentrates. 

Step 7: Marketing Strategy for your Dispensary

You can offer your customer to smell and feel the products before they buy. It is a unique approach that works. When you offer quality service to customers, they tend to become your loyal and long-term clients.

Other forms of Marketing

  • You can use your Instagram account and motivate your customers to offer Google reviews.
  • Make sure your website is updated and optimized with current SEO strategies.

Reward Program for Customers

The ways to engage potential customers are limited in this industry. The idea of a reward/loyalty program can help establish integrity and a long-term relationship with your dispensary and the consumer.

This point of hemp guides could be as follows,

    • Announce freebies on the occasion of the consumer’s birthday, with the privilege of membership offers that have access to special sales or promotions.
  • Provide an incentive enabled discount card that becomes active after a selected number of purchases.
  • Offer customers points on their every buy that is redeemable on a free purchase.


There are a plethora of weed-friendly platforms that helps you target the cannabis audience. 

    • This hemp guides specification is a proven strategy for marijuana dispensary marketing by ensuring your listing on the cannabis directories and apps like Yelp, Google My Business, Marijuana Central, and Weed Maps.
  • Make sure Weed Maps and Leafly where is the hemp store listings include your dispensary location. It is an application that many patients use to search the hemp store in CA dispensaries nearby.

Referral Campaigns

  • You cannot go all around the country for promotions, but your customers can. Word-of-mouth is nevertheless the best marijuana dispensary marketing strategy, where your happy customers become your brand ambassador.
  • Provide incentives, discounts, and freebies to those marketing customers who will bring in more customers with their referral network.

Find out the marketing regulations of your area. Few states restrict TV, billboards, radio, out of state, or pop-up advertisements. 


We hope the above-profiled steps help start your hemp store in CA. Make sure you acquire a proper license before starting a hemp store online.

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