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How to Organize Your Apartment’s Entertainment Center

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Your entertainment center is the hotspot of your apartment. 

It’s where you go to watch movies on your smart TV, look at family photos, and hang out with guests.

Without a doubt, many items can go in your apartment’s entertainment center. Here are a few things you might consider storing there: 

  • Blu-ray discs and CDs
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Video game console 
  • Personal items such as picture frames 

You have to admit that having an area where you can stash all your media is convenient. But, you have to be careful because this area can quickly get out of hand. When you have all your media in one place, things can get disorganized. 

Luckily, I have some tips. Here are some ideas on how to organize your entertainment center.

1. Get a Stylish Console 

In your entertainment center, you’ll need something to hold all of your media.

A stylish console that matches your decor is an excellent solution. 

There are many different kinds of consoles to consider adding to your room. You might get an oak one if you have a lot of wooden furniture in your apartment, or even a woven one if you’re going for an earthy, organic look.

Get a console that is not only aesthetically pleasing but will fit in with your living room (or whichever room your entertainment center is in).

Also, make sure you measure the area before you commit to a console. The last thing you want is to bring home a TV stand that won’t fit in the room!

Another thing to look for in a console is whether it has any pre-drilled holes. Most consoles come with pre-drilled holes, which make it easy to hide cords. 

If you find one you can’t live without, but it doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, you could always do it yourself. But, ideally, you should try to find one that fits all your needs. 

2. Keep Your TV on a Shelf

If you decide not to go with a console, shelving is another option.

The main ways to set up shelving is either by using free-standing shelves or mounting them on the wall. 

Keep in mind that many free-standing shelves are open, so whatever you put on there should be organized. If you have a bunch of Blu-ray discs without any organization, it’ll look disorderly. Otherwise, you might want to get a shelf with a door.

Whether you go with free-standing or mounted shelves, the goal is to find a way to keep everything tidy. 

One way to keep things tidy is by placing some baskets on the shelves. Categorizing Blu-ray discs and other accessories in baskets will keep things in order.

3. Store Media in a Creative Way

Not every entertainment-related item has to stay in its original packaging. You don’t need to keep your DVDs in their plastic casing. Instead, consider storing your discs in albums. This will free up space on your shelves for other things.

There may be CDs or Blu-ray discs you want to keep in their cases (and let’s not forget about vinyl records). It’s okay to display a few on your walls if you’d like.

We get it, it’s hard letting go, especially if you’re a Millennial

Whatever the case, the point is to keep your media organized. If you leave it in piles around your living room, your home is only going to look messy.

Figure out a creative way to store your movies and music, and you’ll be eager to show off your setup to visitors. 

4. Label Your Cords

When there are a lot of cords around your entertainment center (which there usually are), it’s hard to tell them apart.

And when you can’t figure out which one goes to what, it can get frustrating.

That’s why you must figure out a way to label your cords, so you’ll know which wire belongs to each device. 

Tape and a Sharpie works, or you could order cord labels online. After deciding the best way to label your cords, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner! 

5. Add Some Personality 

An entertainment center doesn’t have to be boring. Both you and your guests should have a good time! 

We already touched on how a stylish console can complement the space. Well, besides a console, there are other ways to interject your personality. 

Infuse your interests in the entertainment area with personalized items. A few examples are books, photo frames, and souvenirs. 

The more personalized your space is, the more it’ll feel like “you!”

6. Get a Caddy for Your Remotes

Your remotes should have a home in your entertainment center. Putting them on your footstool is fine, but what if you keep on losing them? 

We have just the solution! Get a caddy to keep all the remotes in one central location. 

Do this, and you’ll know where to find them at all times (as long as you put them back in the caddy when you’re done using them).

You should also try to limit the number of remotes you have so you’ll be less likely to lose them.

7. Display Your Wi-Fi Password for Guests (In a Fun Way)

Your entertainment area is usually where you and guests hop on the internet.

It’s a pain having to look at the back of your router every time someone needs the password. 

Come on, admit it:

You’ve been at a friend’s house and have had to ask for their Wi-Fi password. 

Save your guests the trouble by displaying this information out in the open. You can always put it away when they leave if you’re afraid of prying eyes stealing your password. After all, you don’t want to let just anyone log into your network!

But, when friends come over, they’ll love the sentiment and convenience of not having to ask for the info. 

So, print out and frame the name of your network and password. People (including yourself) will know what it is at all times.

In Conclusion

Your apartment’s entertainment center is a great spot to relax. And, of course, it’s a great place to entertain friends.

It’s up to you to design a space that’s inviting yet functional. No pressure, though! 

Put your mind to it and decide what’s essential. Taking the time to mull things over will help you arrange a neat and tidy space.

Author Bio:

Dominique Daniels is the Business Manager at BroadstoneTimbergrove.

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