Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
How to organize your car trunk

If you tend to allow a lot of clutter in your life, there is a good chance your trunk reflects that attitude. The fact is it’s very easy to accumulate too much stuff in the back of your car. It’s something you only have to deal with when it’s time to add something like grocery bags to the mess.

Keeping in mind that your trunk is actually a reasonably small space, it’s easy to maintain and keep clean and organized. It just requires a little effort on your part. Of course, you can’t maintain a clean trunk until you have a clean trunk. Today, you should go out, tackle the mess, and find a good starting point for a well-organized trunk. When done, you can use the following six tips to keep everything looking good.

1. Hanging Bag on Back of Seat

To maximize available space, you can always purchase an organizer bag that you can hang on the back of your seats. If you choose this option, this is the place you will want to put essentials and things you might need in case of an emergency. This is also a great way to store smaller items to keep from losing them.

2. Purchase a Trunk Shelf

It’s so easy to damage stuff if you have to lay things on top of each other. You can avoid having to do that by purchasing a trunk shelf that gives your two levels on which you can safely stack stuff. Make sure to secure the stuff on a higher level.

3. Use Plastic Containers

A lot of damage can be done to your stuff and the car trunk by loose items rolling around in the back. You can prevent this problem by storing everything in your truck in durable storage containers of varying sizes.

4. Prioritize

By now, you should have a pretty good idea when you are going to need items out of your trunk. For the sake of efficiency, you should organize your trunk so the items you seldom use are in the back and the frequently used items are more towards the front.

5. Make Use of All Space

Even if you use containers, there is a good chance you may have spaces in between them. The perfect solution would be to fill those gaps with softer items that are pliable. Not only will you use up empty space, but you will also be able to keep things from moving around while the car is in motion.

6. Keeping it Clean

Depending on the current state of affairs, you might have to invest a little time, effort, and money to get your trunk clean and organized. After going through all of that trouble, wouldn’t it be a shame if six months later things were looking the same as they do today? Here’s a really good suggestion. Once you have your car trunk organized and in tip-top shape, you should make an effort to clean and reorganize on a regular basis.

If by chance you lock your key in the truck, you will feel less embarrassed about what the locksmith would see if your trunk is clean and organized.

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