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With air quality often being suspect at most urban locations around the world, it is only convenient to use some kind of filter or air purification system to ensure less of health issues and the better health profile. Good clean air might not contribute directly to good health but more importantly, the contaminants found in common incidents of air pollutions can cause serious health hazards and can prove to be more than just a contributing factor to poor health. Rather than considering good health as lack of diseases, it is more apt to see good health as living to the true health potential as far as possible.

A lot of people have started using the office air purifier to deliver quality air to those spending time in offices. Similarly, there are the home air purifiers that are used to provide quality air to breath at places of residence as well. Like any other operational gadget, the air purifier or filter does need points of reference for its correct operations. They can be laid out as detailed below.

  1. Types of the filter element

The fact is that with the use of different types of filtering elements, it is possible to have differing abilities to clean or scrub the air. While some varieties of filters are cheap to purchase and replace, they are somewhat hard to work to maintain. This could bring in vast sums of money to keep the office air purifier running as compared to some other types.

Some of the widespread types of filter elements are

  • HEPA Filters
  • Ozone Purifiers
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Air Ionizers

It is the customer requirements that gets to finally decide as to the kind of filter element to use. But it would have a strong bearing to the quality of air rendered.

  1. CADR Rating

The Clean Air Delivery Rate is a measure of the ability of the office air purifier and the home models to clean the air being passed through the filter. It is possible to have a faster turnover of air if a sufficiently high CADR rated purifier machine is used.  So it is essential to understand the kind of air quality that is desired at a location and to have a sufficiently good purifier model to bring about the desired level of atmospheric purity by using enough CADR power for the purpose.

Equating the CADR to the power of the purifier is wrong. As it is more of a measure of the total efficiency of the complete system in use than a specific area of operation. The stress is to pick out the correct CADR after studying the quality of pre-existing air before the application of the filter.

  1. Keeping track of the operational cost

No matter the kind of utility of the air purifier, it is essential to keep the cost of using a particular system in mind as far as possible. The total cost of running an air filtering system consists of the sum total of the cost of purchase of the unit and the running cost that comes from keeping the purifier operational.

Some of the cheaper systems have such high running costs that it makes it rather uneconomical if it is going to be used continuously for extended periods. There are the office air purifier systems that are low to keep operational, but consumables like the activated carbon filter element do cost a packet when needing to be replaced.

The practical ways to consider the cost of a filter system is to take due note of the cost of acquisition and make a due comparison with the running costs. Each customer should ensure that his need for clean air is delivered at the most optimum cost possible.

  1. The adjustments possible

Some of the cheaper air purifiers are the constant running types which keep pumping in the air after the filtration part. There isn’t much scope for controlling the flow of neither air nor the quality of air that is delivered at the air outlet of the units. This could work out fine to some extent, and in case the air pollution levels were to lessen as would happen with the typical change of seasons, then this somewhat rigid style of operation would render the purifier uneconomical in the long run.

If there were a provision to control the air flow and even the extent of filtering done, it would enable the more complete use of the system taking into due account the nature of the existing air quality.

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