How to Pick the Best Aqua or Reef Shoes
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How to Pick the Best Aqua or Reef Shoes

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When you’re exploring beaches, your feet deserve the best protection. Wearing aqua or reef shoes can protect your soles as you wade in the sandy area. You can rest easy knowing that your feet will not be cut by jagged rock, poked by a broken shell, or pierced by a leftover bottle beer cap left by some irresponsible party goers. If you’re looking forward to knowing more about them and getting to know which are the best water shoes for the beach this summer, keep on reading.

How to Pick the Best Aqua or Reef Shoes

With these water shoes, you can bid farewell to rubber flip flops that get stuck in the sand. Anyone who has tried to wear rubber slippers in the water knows that they flop around as you take a step and potentially face getting sucked in by the waves. If you don’t want to face any of these scenarios, you certainly need protective water shoes in your life. Here’s how you can choose the best pair of aqua shoes that you can bring for all your beach or even freshwater adventures. 

Find a Good Fit

A good pair of water shoes must have a good fit that hugs your feet beautifully. You need to find the right size to make sure that the shoes you buy stay on even when they are soaked through with water. Though water shoes are built to withstand water, some materials become a tad heavier as it absorbs liquid. For best results, select one with a rubber strap, so you don’t have to fret about it falling off. Something that you can tighten would also help so you can adjust it if needed. 

Remember, getting the right size assures you stay comfy and prevent blisters. If you can, try and fit the shoes in store. However, if you are buying online, make sure you check the right size by reading the size well. Moreover, you must read the return policy, so you could exchange the shoes without paying extra if they don’t fit or live up to expectations. 

Check the Grip

An excellent pair of reef shoes must possess excellent grip with slip-proof soles. Wet areas can become slippery, causing terrible injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments. As such, you want shoes that have a great studded sole design to reduce the risk of slippage. When your sole grips the floor properly, you can expect better traction. With this on your feet, you can walk comfortably because the shoes help you establish your footing with each step. 

Determine Shock-absorption Features

Usually, aqua shoes come with various styles of soles. The thickness of the sole determines the lever of how much shock it can absorb. If you intend to enjoy simple beach walks, thinner ones with finer grip studs will be fine. You will do perfectly well with these if you engage in simple water sports and beach swims. 

However, if you intend to explore an area with jagged reefs and rocks, thicker ones are necessary. In this instance, aqua shoes with 1 to 2cm thickness will work best in providing protection. This works best if you intend to go scuba diving or if you will go off-shore fishing somewhere with rough terrain.  

Inspect Material Features

When buying your water shoes, you want something that can resist salt and dry fast. This matters a lot because no one wants to go around with wet sopping feet. Moreover, it means the fabric of the shoes is perfect for the ocean as saltwater can be very damaging. Hence, you can ascertain longevity and durability with the shoes. 

Furthermore, with this material, you can also expect that there’s less chance for sand to enter the shoes. It would be best to look for water shoes that have an insole for superior comfort. With this, you can take it out and easily clean the sand if it gets inside. 

Check the Style

Finally, don’t forget to factor in your personal flair and style when buying your water shoes. Usually, this comes in a variety of colours, designs, and styles. Pick one that suits your personality. Of course, you don’t have to stick with just one pair. Buy a simple one for a traditional beach trip and get a thicker one for a more adventurous underwater exploration.

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