How To Play Bombcrypto 

Bombcrypto is a new and exciting cryptocurrency game that is quickly gaining in popularity. The objective of the game is to collect as many coins as possible by guessing the correct letter for each bomb. However, be careful not to guess too many times, or you will lose all your coins!

If you’re curious about one of the most popular cryptocurrency games, then we have everything you need to know about Bombcrypto in this guide!

What Do I Need to Play Bombcrypto?

First you will need an account on Then, once your account is set up you simply play the game by typing in each letter of the bomb (one letter per line) and click “bomb” to make your guess. 

Do I Need Cryptocurrency to Play Bombcrypto?

Bombcrypto works with both real currencies (i.e. Ether) and play money. However, there are three major advantages to actually playing with cryptocurrency instead of play money: 

1) every week you have the chance to win free coins just by entering your wallet address 

2) you can win bigger rewards for solving the bomb puzzle more quickly 

3) you will get 100 free coins just for signing up! 

How to Start Playing Bombcrypto

To start playing, simply enter your name and click the Play button. You will then be given a list of bombs to choose from. Simply enter the letter you think corresponds with the bomb, and if you are correct, you will earn the corresponding number of coins. If you are incorrect, however, you will lose all your coins!

You can also bet on whether or not a particular bomb will explode. To do this, simply select the “bet” option, type in your bet amount, and click the bomb you think will explode. If your guess is correct, you win twice the amount of coins you bet! However, if incorrect, you lose double the amount of coins that you bet (up to 100k).

How To Win at Bombcrypto

The easiest way to win at Bombcrypto is to keep playing until there are no more bombs left on the board. This increases your chances of guessing correctly over time, since each round only includes one type of letter (e.g., Q’s or L’s), rather than a mix like in previous rounds. Therefore, it pays to play every round! 

Other strategies include guessing lower-scoring letters early on (e.g., A’s, B’s, C’s), and guessing higher-scoring letters later in the game (e.g., J’s, K’s, L’s). However, be careful not to guess too many times, or you will lose all your coins!

What Are the Rewards for Playing Bombcrypto?

The rewards for playing Bombcrypto are twofold: 

1) you can win free coins every week by entering your wallet address into the “rewards” tab and clicking “claim reward” 

2) you can also win bigger rewards for solving the bomb puzzle more quickly. 

For example, the current top prize for solving the bomb in under 5 minutes is 100 Ether! Additionally, there are smaller rewards for solving the bomb in under 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. So, the faster you solve the bomb puzzle, the bigger the reward!

How To Win Free Coins

Every week there is a new set of free coins available, and all you have to do to win some is enter your wallet address into the “rewards” tab. Once you click claim reward, your free coins are sent directly to your wallet! Be sure to enter every week if you want more cryptocurrency in your wallet. 

How To Win Bigger Rewards

You can also win bigger rewards for solving the bomb puzzle more quickly by clicking on the “Rewards” tab. There you will find the current schedule for when each prize is awarded. Simply click on any of these prizes, type in how many seconds it took you to solve that particular bomb, and hit submit. 

The popularity of these games is ever growing and as mentioned on Yahoo Finance, it’s only going to grow in the future.

What We Love About Bombcrypto

There are a few things we love about Bombcrypto, and one of them is the sense of community it has fostered. Players are constantly helping each other out by sharing tips and strategies for solving the bomb puzzle more quickly. Additionally, there is a lively forum where players can discuss anything related to Bombcrypto.

We also appreciate the fact that Bombcrypto is actually a fun and challenging puzzle game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And who doesn’t love winning free coins?

What We Don’t Love About Bombcrypto

One thing we don’t love about Bombcrypto is that if you’re stuck on a puzzle the only way to move forward is by guessing letters. However, as previously mentioned, your chances of winning increase over time because each round contains fewer possible letter combinations to guess from. So be sure to play every round!

In conclusion, Bombcrypto is an innovative and fun new cryptogaming experience that combines a classic game with a modern blockchain twist. If you want to win big rewards for solving a fun and challenging puzzle, then it’s time you sign up for Bombcrypto.


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