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Thinking about selling your apartment, but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry. We present a guide, collected in 10 points, that will guide you through preparing your apartment for sale without a hitch.

1 – Let order prevail

Before listing your apartment for sale, clean it thoroughly. Sounds trivial? Believe it, however, this is the basis for a profitable sale. Take care of the shine on the furniture fronts and restore the tiles to their former shine. Don’t forget about the windows – they should also shine. It’s important that visitors to the apartment feel a breath of newness in it. In this subsection, it is also worth mentioning a seemingly insignificant factor, which can, however, affect the speed of sales. It is about… smell. For a property for sale, choose a light and delicate scent that will not overwhelm potential buyers, but will allow them to remember the freshness and cleanliness of the apartment.

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  1. Make minor repairs

Does it make sense to invest in renovating an apartment before selling it? Not always. Sometimes the costs incurred in the renovation do not significantly increase the value of the apartment. Instead of wasting money, make minor repairs that will benefit the appearance and functionality of the property. For example, you do not need to repaint all the rooms. However, improve the paint in areas where the walls get dirty easily, namely at the entrance to the house and in the kitchen. Also pay attention to items such as damaged panels and tiles, or broken mirrors. Often the cost of replacing them is small, and the end result is really satisfying.

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3 – Find a real estate agent

Selling an apartment on your own? It’s not an easy task that can cause you a lot of stress and sleepless nights. Consider enlisting the help of a real estate agent. Working with an experienced expert can bring more results than you think. The agent knows the real estate market inside out, and thanks to his experience and contacts is able to sell your apartment quickly and profitably. The real estate agent will also handle all the paperwork for you, so you will not only save time, but also carry out the entire transaction safely.

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  • get rid of unnecessary things

Before you put your apartment up for sale, try to significantly reduce the amount of stuff in it. A cluttered property will not look good in photos and presentations. Get rid of furniture that is visibly old, stained or damaged, and leave simple and classic furnishings in the interiors. Don’t overdo it, though – it’s worthwhile to have some furnishings left in the property. It gives viewers an idea of the set-up of the rooms.

  • Take care of the appearance of the apartment

Merely keeping the interior tidy and getting rid of unnecessary furnishings is not enough to attract the attention of potential buyers. You need to make your property stand out and make it easily memorable. You can do this by using the services of a home stager. This is a person who professionally beautifies apartments before selling and renting. A professional home stager will help you choose accessories and favorable furniture arrangement for the interior, as well as arrange the new look of the property. Thanks to the home staging procedure, the property gets a new look and is more in line with buyers’ tastes. It is a proven fact that apartments subjected to home staging sell faster. If you use a real estate agent, you don’t have to worry about hiring a home staging specialist. A professional real estate agency will do it for you.

  1. Prepare a professional photo shoot and description

It’s time to prepare an advertisement for the sale of your apartment. Remember that today its most essential element is the photos. Clear, crisp and well-angled photographs determine whether the apartment is more likely to be viewed and, as a result, also how quickly it sells. You’ll do best by hiring an interior photographer to shoot your property. Thanks to his modern equipment and expert tricks, your property will present itself impeccably in the photos and attract a lot of stares.

Also rethink the description of your property. The worst thing you’ll find on classifieds sites is laconic and uninteresting property information. But don’t create a narrative – get potential buyers interested in interesting news about the apartment. In the ad, mention the view from the window or the distance to points of interest and public transportation. Don’t be afraid to write about even the most unobvious assets of the apartment. These are what will make your property stand out from the rest.

  1. check other sales listings

Before you post an ad for the sale of your apartment on online portals, check how the real estate market is doing. Spend a few evenings analyzing competing listings and advertisements. Pay attention not only to what prices other apartments are listed at. Also look at the number of times a particular listing has been displayed and the number of weeks the ad has been hanging on the pages. Such information will give you valuable clues about how to structure your own ad and show you what to expect. Note – if you work with an experienced real estate agent, you can skip this step. The agent knows the current trends in the real estate market, and his experience will not allow you to make an advertising gaff and reduce your chance of selling your apartment.

  1. Choose the price of the apartment

Is the ad ready? This is the time for probably the most crucial decision for you. You need to decide what price your apartment will be listed at on the ad sites. You will find that pricing your own property is not easy. We are guided by sentiment, usually do not have experience in selling apartments and are not familiar with the rapidly changing trends in the market. In order not to overshoot in either direction and neither lose on the transaction nor wait months for a buyer, ask for the opinion of a real estate broker. His opinion will give you a clear picture of how much your property is worth.

However, if you’ve come across a realtor you don’t trust, or you want to find out how much your apartment is worth, try another method. Search several real estate portals for listings similar to yours. Choose properties that will compete with yours with the same target clientele. Remember, you can’t rely on one listing. Find at least 5 apartments to form an opinion.

Is it worth it to ask a real estate appraiser for a property valuation? Well, the value of a property and its market price are two different issues.  The appraiser’s valuation needs to be confronted with the real prices operating in the market at the moment. Appraisers rely on historical data, and their valuations often do not take into account a number of factors that affect the real price at a given moment. Therefore, comparing competitive listings operating on the Internet is the most effective method of knowing how much we are able to get for our apartment.

9 Arrange guided tours of the property

Now you can show the effects of cleaning, minor renovation and rearrangement of the property. Soon the phones will ring and the first visitors will come to your apartment. Many sellers do not like this moment, because it consumes a lot of time, requires patience and commitment. It may happen that the scheduled viewers never show up, or are significantly late. If you don’t have time to give tours of the apartment, or you don’t feel comfortable with them, shift their burden to someone else. A real estate agent will work best in this role. A specialist will certainly present the advantages of the apartment well and effectively encourage you to buy it.


  1. Sell the apartment

That’s everything on our list. By following the above points you will certainly quickly find a willing buyer for your property. Now it’s time for the formalities and handing over the keys into the hands of the new owners. Congratulations, this is how you sell your apartment!


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