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How to Prepare for Class 8 Math Olympiad

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As the students enter high school, they must be given something extra to practice. The students must be practiced in such a way that they are confident to answer a variety of questions. The International Maths Olympiad(IMO) book for class 8 provides everything that is needed by the students to face the national and international competitions. It makes the students answer any sort of questions.  The international olympiad helps to showcase the inner talents of the students through various international programs. It consists of the topics that are needed by the students of class 8. It has the same syllabus as prescribed by the school. Each concept is explained in simple language. Each chapter is provided with a set of questions along with the solutions. The students must practice them the most. This helps them to fair well in the final exams of the olympiad. Thus it enhances the performance of the students. 

Material for preparation

There are a lot of materials available for the preparation of the class 8 maths olympiad. Before getting to know the study materials, it is necessary to know the syllabus of the maths olympiad exams. 

Syllabus for olympiad Class 8

As is mentioned earlier, the syllabus for the olympiad exam is as same as the syllabus prescribed by the school. The students of any board are very much welcome to join their hands in the olympiad exam. It helps them to look up their abilities. Since class 8 is the entrance of the high school, the competition starts from here.  Olympiad is the best way to introduce the students to complex questions. It makes the students concentrate more on the concepts rather than mugging up and also makes them thorough in all chapters.

The syllabus for the olympiad is formulated with much care and accuracy. It is the prescribed curriculum of ICSE, CBSE, and state boards. Since the concepts in class 8 are the basis of class 9 and 10, the students are made familiar with the integers, whole numbers, and rational numbers. They will also realize the importance of the linear equations as they are much needed in class 10. The students are also taught geometry which is the base of advanced mathematics. Thus they will get to know quadrilateral, polygons, hexagons, octagons, and much more. Another important element of mathematics is data. Data handling is one of the scoring sections in mathematics. The students are introduced to organized data, group data, and marking the graph, and arriving at the conclusion. They are also taught to find the square root and cube root of numbers and also to compare the quantities, exponents, factorization, power, and a lot more. Thus in simple words, those who can master the olympiad can play with the numbers. 

Maths olympiad books

The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) for class 8 is mainly organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam is held both at national and international levels. The IMO has specially designed an olympiad workbook that makes the students familiar with the types of questions asked in the olympiad exams. This book helps them to secure high marks in the final olympiad exams. This workbook contains a question bank that includes logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and everyday mathematics followed by the explanation at the end of the book. It is also available in the form of soft copy and the students can access it through smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. The students can examine their potential with the help of this multiple choice question bank and make up their minds to solve the challenging questions. 

Previous year question papers

The Indian Talent Olympiad provides an exclusive set of sample questions along with the solutions to the students. This set comprises previous years’ questions with solutions so that the students can check their answers easily. The olympiad exam is carried out in the multiple-choice format where the students have to choose one correct answer among the options. This set of sample papers are updated every year based on the syllabus. Hence it is highly beneficial to the students. It can be used not only by the students who practice for olympiad exams but also by all the students who want to score high marks in the examination. The previous year’s paper for IMO class 8 maths 2015 inflates the problem-solving and logical thinking of the students. They can access these question papers through online mode. It enables the students to solve tricky questions and improves their understanding. It prepares them for national competition the most. 

Steps to crack olympiad exam of class 8 maths

Now after knowing about the olympiad exam and its study materials, it is necessary to know what are the steps to be followed by the students to crack the olympiad exams. 

Start early

The students who are preparing for the olympiads must start their preparation earlier as this may give ample time for revision. One cannot study till the day before the examination. They should complete the entire syllabus a few weeks before so that they can revise fully. 

Stick to the syllabus

Before starting the preparation the students must be aware of the syllabus and the exam pattern. The syllabus would be available on the official olympiad website. The syllabus is prepared in such a way that it makes the students thorough in the basics.

Plan out each day

The students must prepare a study plan and stick to it strictly.  It is essential to plan a rough draft of how many days it takes to complete the entire syllabus. They must save the last month for revision. After completing each topic they must take a small test to evaluate themselves. Taking notes of the brief topics helps to revise them easily.

Collect all the resources

Students must have a precise idea about the exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the Olympiad examination. They must follow the correct study material that covers the entire syllabus along with the practice set of problems with solutions. Choosing the right material helps to secure more marks.

Stay updated

The students attempting the olympiad examination must stay updated about all the happenings of the world. Apart from covering the syllabus, they must concentrate on much more things. They must strengthen their subject knowledge and start learning about mathematical inventions.


The students must excel in mathematics when they start their preparation for the olympiad examination. The right strategies help them to crack the exam with ease. They should never hesitate to seek the help of an expert if they need any clarifications regarding the examination. They can also make use of the internet for their preparation.


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