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how to prevent foot blister when playing soccer

Are you how to prevent foot blister when playing soccer ? then you are in right place Football, a game of ninety minutes which is a game of loss or win where one team win and another team lose the match. The winning of the football match is not as much easier as this involves a tight practice, skills, stamina, deadlines, instructions, injuries etc. If we talk about the injuries that are very common for a soccer-like blisters, head or neck injuries, muscle pull etc which are having a lot of reasons for occurrence. Today in this blog, we will discuss briefly regarding all those problems of soccer and how to prevent the problem which is blisters. So, read out the information below

What are the injuries that happen in soccer?

Injuries on Head or Neck: While playing the soccer the injuries on head or neck are very common these type of injuries also results into the fractures but sometimes they leads to the serious injuries that can harm the mental state of the soccer.

Lower or Internal Injuries: Such type of injuries required surgeries and the injuries are of type cartilage as well as anterior cruciate or ACL ligament injuries.

 foot Blisters:  foot Blisters are the regions that are made with the fluid generally happen on the upper layer of the skin. The major reason behind the occurrence of the blisters is the friction, infection, injury or any exposure to any harsh chemical. You can use some best football compression shirt for get rid from sun ray infections.

Ankle Sprain: This is the most common injury for soccer as this occurs due to the stretching of the ligaments which are adjoined with the ankle joint.

Shin Splints: The problem for the shin splints deals with the worst pain which starts with the lower leg to the Shin bone or tibia.

Fractures: Fractures that mainly occurs on legs which are due to the impact of the legs along with the hard surface or due to any other reason.

What are foot Blisters and why they occur?

As we have discussed earlier that the blisters are the regions or the packet of water that generally happens on the top layer of the skin and the name of that layer of the epidermis. The fluids with which the blisters are made of are plasma, blood or pus.

Causes of the foot Blisters

The regular friction or rubbing gives rise to the blisters. The most common regions during which blisters generally occur are on either hand or on feet. Blisters generally occur when the temperature inside the shoes is quite high or during the wet climate conditions. If we talk about the soccer where the blisters are quite normal which happens due to the warm temperature.

How can soccer prevent blisters?

Minimize Friction: Friction is the main reason for the Blisters so, if you are soccer and want to prevent the blister, then you have to minimize the friction. For which, you must wear the proper size of footwear.

Prevent Moisture: While buying socks from the market or from the store just make sure that they are having great moisture soaking capacity. Always buy socks that are made of synthetic blends that reduce the friction as well as retain moisture.

Use Band-aids: An injury may be the reason for the blisters, in case you met any minor injury while playing then you can use band-aids on that injury which will prevent a blister to occur.

Apply Petroleum Jelly or Powder: By applying some kind of petroleum jellies or talcum powder which will reduce the chances of friction on your feet or any other areas where there are chances of blisters to occur can also prevent the blisters to occur.

Stuff newspaper on your shoes: For a soccer playing on wet circumstances is pretty normal that can results into the blisters so, for avoiding that you can stuff newspaper in your shoes and Ultimate Comfort Socks which will resist the moisture and will automatically reduce the occurrence of blisters.

Conclusion: There are many reasons for the Blister but the most important thing is the precautions. In case, you get a blister on any part of your body you must consult the specialist who will help you in treating your problem in an easy way and guide you the best so that the problem will not happen in future. You can check some best sports products reviews from here too

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