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Where to look for attractive and varied kitchen equipment? The answer to this question is very simple – at Decoranddecor you will find everything you need to arrange a beautiful and functional interior in which you can easily prepare meals for the whole family and spend time efficiently. But buying new furniture is not enough. We made sure that on our website you can not only find the best proposal for kitchen furniture, but also get help in their efficient assembly. If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to properly drill holes for kitchen cupboard handles in kitchen cabinets, be sure to read the following text and you will learn how to do it step by step.

Assembling furniture yourself does not have to be difficult

A new kitchen is not only the joy of a beautiful interior, but also a challenge – especially when it comes to furniture assembly. When choosing the cabinets of your dreams for your kitchen, it is worth remembering to do it properly. Importantly, it is important not only to assemble the cabinets themselves, but also to properly attach the kitchen cupboard handles. To keep the joy of new kitchen furniture as long as possible, we want to make this task easier for you. Consequently, we come to the rescue with instructions on how to properly drill holes for kitchen cupboard handles in kitchen cabinets.

The tools you need

It is worth starting with a good preparation. Before we walk you through the entire assembly process, we would like to stop for a moment to make a “check list” of all the tools needed to attach the kitchen cupboard handles.

You need:


A pencil


Appropriate screws and a screwdriver

Drilling template for kitchen cupboard handles

We must mention at this point that we have made sure that on our website, along with the purchase of your dream kitchen cabinets, you can obtain the necessary template, which will certainly facilitate the process of mounting the kitchen cupboard handles, and avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of damaged fronts. .

Instructions – where to start?

At the beginning, it is worth determining where we want to drill the holes. The aforementioned drilling template for the kitchen cupboard handles will help in the correct marking. It has a set of holes placed in such a way as to facilitate the layout of mounting holes for kitchen cupboard handles with standard spacing. Thanks to it, you can easily, and what is important – precisely mark the right drilling places, and at the same time you will get a guarantee of simply mounted kitchen cupboard handles.

Start by measuring the inner part of the handle (spacing between the holes of our handle), then mark the obtained measure with a pencil on the front of the cabinet, starting from its top edge. The length of the inside of the handle will be your “zero point”. Now place the template in the previously designated place – its “zero point” will be the center of the handle. Thanks to the template, you can mark the drilling positions parallel to the edge.

Remember to choose the appropriate drill bit for the surface you are using before drilling the holes, and to adjust its diameter to the size of the thread. The last, but equally important step is to attach the kitchen cupboard handles. To do this, place the screws in the drilled and cleaned holes, then tighten the kitchen cupboard handles with a screwdriver. And it’s ready! From now on, you can fully enjoy your dream kitchen!



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