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If you are one of those luckiest people who has picked up the company’s flagship line of smartphones then you might be probably thinking where is the home button. The latest iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and the XR don’t really have the home button anymore which makes it difficult for the users who have depended on the home button earlier.

However, if you own an older version of iPhone and the home button or screen is not working then you can take it to the iPhone screen repair in San Francisco to get repaired.

Although if you own the latest model of the iPhone then here are the ingenious ways that Apple has come up with to work.


One of the features that the new iOS ecosystem offers is reachability. Someone with shorter fingers might sometime find difficult to get every part of the screen. This is where the reachability comes in. This feature is especially useful for the bigger screens of the iPhone.

In the older versions, you just had to tap twice on the home button to get the previous page that you were viewing. But then how it is done in the newer iPhones?

In order to launch the readability feature, you need to quickly and lightly swipe down at the very bottom of the phone. Doing this will bring the window down to the same height from where you can reach every corner of your iPhone.Best iPhone 11 Cases

Finding the Control Center

Another big change in the new lineup of the iPhones is the way the Control Center is enabled. This is because the latest versions now use the bottom of your screen to unlock the iPhone. The previous gesture of swiping up from the bottom to quickly access the Control Center has changed. Now in the latest iPhones, you need to swipe down and to the left from the top-right corner of the phone find the Control Center.

Taking Screenshots

Another feature that has changed with the latest gen iPhones are the way of taking screenshots. Previously, users would need to hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously to take a screenshot.

So, in the latest iPhones, users need to press the power button and both volume buttons to take a screenshot.best icloud bypass tool While this might take a little getting used to before you master it.


Multitasking was a big deal when it was first added to the iPhone back in 2010 and it has also become a hallmark of the iOS experience. Before that, you would need to tap the home button twice to get a list of your open applications.

Now in the latest gen iPhones, you slowly need swipe from the bottom of the screen to fly between different apps.

Deleting Apps

The core function of deleting apps still works the same but the way you get back to the standard home screen differs slightly. Instead of tapping on the home button to confirm, you need to tape on the “Done” icon which appears in the top-right corner of the display.

Unlocking the Phone

In the previous gen iPhones, you need to place your finger on the home button which used to had biometric gates that scans your fingerprints. In this way, the iPhone used to unlock.

Although the latest models use FaceID which will 3D scan your facial points and unlocks your phone. So, when you set up your FaceID, make sure you are in a well-lit room. Also, make sure that you aren’t wearing any glasses or large headphones as these subtle changes can throw the sensor off.

However, even after installing your face on the iPhone, if it doesn’t open then it is a serious problem and you can always take it to the best cell phone repairer in San Francisco.

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