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Currently, Tencent launched an Android emulator application referred to as Tencent Gaming Buddy that operates to play the most popular PUBG Mobile games on your PC or laptop. best online casino in New Zealand  The most important reason is to utilize the Keyboard & Mouse controls to plat rather than using a touchscreen. Read more similar kinds of articles on You can also experience Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 while playing the game on this Android emulator. The additional reasons are as follows: Well If you are interested in Instagram Viewer then check-in anon insta story Viewer.

  • Responses from several players, it also included troubleshooting and feature requests concerning the mobile version.
  • It offers the most popular Android gaming experience on your laptop or computer with the help of the Tencent Gaming Buddy application.

You can also encounter various common problems after Tencent Gaming Buddy application’s installation:

  • Installation process error code 23 during 50% of Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  • Tencent gaming buddy error code 1.
  • The application does not allow viewing PUBG Mobile games.
  • Difficult to log in to the Facebook account.
  • And even other common problems.

How to resolve Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 Error message:

Find below the below-provided Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 fix to resolve this issue:

Failed to start emulator Tencent error code 1 Error Fix

  • First of all, you need to download the Process Hacker and install the same on your computer or laptop.
  • After installation, utilize the Administrator account to execute the Process Hacker application.
  • Under the Search box, input as now and tap the Search icon.
  • From the search results, you can identify a file named “aow**.exe”.
  • Terminate its running process.
  • After terminating the process, it can resolve the issue and allow you to execute the PUBG game on your Tencent Gaming Buddy application.

Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 – Manual Fix

  • Access the Tencent Buddy Gaming application to manually resolve the Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 by accessing the Basic Settings.
  • Never tap the option named “Run at Startup” & restart your computer.
  • It is essential and most important to modify the Android emulator file name.
  • Navigate to “C:/Progam Files” or your desired installation location.
  • Search & locate the file named TxGameAssistant.
  • Modify the file name as TxGameAssistant# and once again access the Tencent Gaming Buddy Android Emulator.
  • It may also encounter other common errors such as Downloading process stuck at 1%, Can’t start the AOW Engine, and many more.
  • Close the Android emulator and once again restart your computer or laptop.
  • Now, again modify the file name to its original state (TxGameAssistant).
  • This will resolve your issue and again will not experience any other issues as well.

Common Methods to Resolve Tencent Gaming Buddy Error

Emulator Rendering Settings

At times, the Tencent Gaming Buddy application may fail to launch the game because of any Game engine’s incompatible configuration. To resolve this Android emulator error, you can try modifying the rendering option:

  • Access the Tencent Gaming Buddy application.
  • Navigate to Settings and then tap the Engine option.
  • You can see four different rendering options available to execute.
  • Users can try the rendering options one by one to identify whether the issue is resolved or not.

Try Integrated Graphics

In case, if your Tencent Gaming Buddy application is not supported or compatible with the external graphics (that is installed on your laptop or PC) then it is advisable to utilize the Integrated Graphics on your Android emulator:

  • Launch the Nvidia Driver Control Panel on your computer and navigate to the 3D Configurations section.
  • Then choose the Program Settings submenu.
  • Select the Tencent as your desired Graphics Processor.
  • This configuration setting can easily resolve the Tencent gaming buddy error code 1 Windows 10 operating system.

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