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how to win jackpot

If you are serious about playing lotteries, then one question that is often in mind is ‘What strategy should I follow for picking the right numbers?’ It is important for lottery players to know a few logical strategies that can help in bettering the winning odds in this game. These strategies work irrespective of whether you are buying a physical ticket from the store or are playing through an online portal like Lottoland that is a world leader when it comes to offering international lotteries. As the online portals are very convenient, more and more people are shifting to playing online rather than conventionally by buying a physical ticket.

People make use of mathematical methods to predict the numbers that are more likely to win them a jackpot. Here are a few ways of selecting numbers based on mathematics and logic. Most of these methods are focused on hot and cold numbers, which are the numbers appearing most and least respectively in the draws.

Analyse the Frequency Chart

 Almost all the lottery programs offer charts that depict numbers that have come up in draws in a given time frame. Choose a period of around 5 years or more to find which numbers are hot and which are cold. Selecting a long time frame is always recommended to get a better picture.

Make Your Pick Based on Hot or Cold Numbers

 Different lottery players prefer different numbers. For instance, some make their pick from hot numbers as they have come up often in the past draws. There is another group of people who believe that picking the cold numbers will be a better option as they would have not surfaced in the past draws. Hence, they have a better probability to show up. There’s still another group that believes in playing a combo of these hot and cold numbers to make the best of both the worlds.

Pick Using Numerological Method

 It’s not just the left brain people who play the lotto online. There are a lot of destiny believers and right brain people too who try their luck in this game. They either make use of lucky numbers or numerology to make their pick. The numerological strategy works on finding probable numbers based on a person’s lucky, personal or true numbers. The numerology also takes into account the numbers that reoccur in an individual’s life at certain precipitous moments.

The major difference between these strategies is that the former method is based on mathematical data and hence the outcome will be the same for anyone who is using the frequency chart method for a specific duration. The lucky or personal numbers, on the other hand, are different for every individual and hence the numbers that will work for one might not work for the other person. Different individuals follow different strategies, which are good as then all numbers have some takers. Whatever strategy you follow, you should always be mindful of the fact that each number still has the same probability of being drawn.

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