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There is so much content to watch in the online world that generation today prefers spending their times surfing new videos online and not restricting themselves to sitting in front of the television to watch and enjoy the audio-visual medium. Just like enormous content available online, there are multiple apps that allows you to download those videos and stream them, undisturbed, when ever you want to. An unblocked video downloader helps you to get access to all the online videos, scattered on various social networking platforms and download any of them that you like on your device. scattered on various social networking platforms and download any of them that you like on your device. You could enjoy smooth, qualitative video and share it with others without the limitations of the social networking sites.

Being a rational viewer, you could not rely on any video downloading application. You need to make sure that you opt for the most suitable app that offers you features which are more attractive than other apps. The comparison between various applications offering you facilities of video downloading is must since a wrong application could ruin your whole experience of binge watching anything. Here are some key features that you must consider before selecting your video downloading app.

✓Reviews and ratings

Before referring any video downloader, you must check the reviews and ratings of it. Reviews are completely unbiased comments of various people who have already used the application and have shared their experiences. It would help you create a better and clearer picture about how the app is and how would it suit your needs. Rating helps you check the percentage of people who like the app. Vidmate app download 2018 has gained a high rating from its audience which indicates it efficiency.

✓ Size

Size is an important aspect when you are looking for the right video downloader. A heavy file would not only fill up more space in your phone but eventually result in slowing your device down. You must opt for such a downloader that is of small-size, Vidmate is a small-sized app of 12 MB only which could fit in any type of phone without hindering its functioning.

✓ Compatibility
A video downloader should be compatible with all the devices be it android phone, laptop, computer or Apple products like iPhone or iPad. There are many video downloaders who are not available on Apple store and the apple customers seem to be very upset because of this. Vidmate app, however, could be downloaded with an APK file and therefore, it is compatible with every device.

✓ Speed
Speed is a must. No body has the time to wait for hours for the video to get downloaded. We live in a world where food delivers to us in 30 minutes, so expect everything to finish as early as possible. If the app takes too long to open or works very slow, the experiences of the user would get wasted in the first impression only. You must consider how fast the app works. Vidmate app download 2018 enables you to download videos superfast in any type of internet connectivity.

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