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Is sending birthday gifts, soft toys, or chocolates to India frustrating task?

Have you ever stuck on when planned to send a gift to your loved ones in India from London? Have you ever had a question that how should I send these to them? Also, by taking all these questions and confusions in mind, have you ever been irritated with mere the thought of sending your selected gift to your mother, family, or girlfriend from the UK?

Of course, you are not alone and many Indians have felt the same way on many occasions when they cannot send gifts even while trying to send on Diwali, Holi or even on Raksha Bandhan to India.

This task has now become easy with several gifts sending companies in the UK. They have excellent services to satisfy their clients by providing the best gift for sending services to India from the UK.

Sending Gifts to India, Do’s and Don’ts Do’s

One of the world’s largest countries by population and it is merely 15 times bigger than the UK. Following the economic reforms in 1991, India is now considered as one of the fastest-growing economies of the world.

While sending gifts to India through any courier or cargo services you must consider the following factors. There are several things you must consider, some of them are those which must be done while others are better to avoid for the safe and fast delivery of your gifts to India.


If you are not an Indian by birth or do not know about their culture then remember that Indians love bright colors as these colors signify happiness in life. Therefore, you might select your gift wisely and might wrap it in a red, golden, yellow, or green color wrapper for better appealing at first look pname com skype raider. Secondly, the selection of the gift is much crucial in this process.

Usually, what Indians do, they send sweets, flowers, and fruits as a gift on the major festivals. They do not send chocolates, beers, or kinds of things but the birthday gifts are almost the same as people do in the UK.

If you are sending your gift to an Indian in India, make sure that your value of the gift preferably be in odd numbers because Indians prefer odd numbers as they believe to be lucky with these numbers.


Selection of flowers must be wise and according to the Indian norms, therefore, avoid sending frangipanis flowers – a kind of flowers used in Hawaii to make lies – as a gift.

“Avoid giving frangipanis [a reasonable flower popularly utilized by Hawaiians to form leis] as flower gifts in an exceedingly hamper or a bouquet.”

Similarly, if you are looking to send your girlfriend a saari on her birthday, do not choose the white color, however, any other color preferably red or any shade of red would be Ok a red considered as the color of love in India, while widows use white clothes.

If your gift is for any Hindu Indian and you are planning to send any food item, do not select any item which includes beef or meat. They do not use cattle products because, in the Hindu religion, they praise cow-like their God. However, if you are looking to send any shoes or wallets etc., avoid sending them leather products as a gift too.

When is the right time to send gifts to India?

You can send gifts to your loved ones any time but the best time to send gifts to them is personal occasions, e.g. birthdays, and business occasions e.g. any achievement day, etc. apart from these occasions, you can send them gifts on festivals and holidays as well. There are several major festivals celebrated every year. The key festivals in India are as follows; New Year’s Day, Pongal, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Tamil New Year, Bengali New Year, Idul Fitr, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Ayudha Puja, Vijaya Dashami, Dussehra, Deepavali, Id-e-Milad, Christmas Day and Idul Adha.

How to select a gift?

Selecting a gift for the birthday itself is a big challenge and a daunting task. Before selecting a birthday gift you must several online stores and search for various gifts according to the likes and dislikes of the person you are sending a gift to.

Most people every year found themselves in a dilemma of selecting the wrong gift for their loved ones but this you shall not find yourself buried in the confusion instead find a range of gifts online and make the birthday even special.

Sending gifts to your dear and near ones are easy now, simply go the internet and try finding how to send a gift to India in Google. You will see a load of companies offering the best services and even those services that serve crafted gift baskets and deliver in India as well. You can send cakes, chocolate, flowers, and many more.

Gifts delivery in India

As India is such a big continent and it is hard to serve next day in remote region in India, you must select a company which has a nearest sub-office to your destination in India, and give them a call to make that if they can present your gift to your recipient in its best state before their event happens.

Ask them for any references in your area who sent through them, ask that particular person if you wish to, otherwise online company reviews are the best place to determine the quality of service.

It is easy to shop a perfect gift for your loved ones in the UK but it is hard to get it delivered on time and in the best state of condition, whether that occasion is an anniversary, a birthday, or any festival or even they are enjoying a major holiday in India, your gift will make them smile very soon and it will concrete your relationship too.

So, be wise in the selection of the gifts at the first step and the selection of the delivery or cargo service to India.



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