How to start an impressive conversation with a girl on a text?


As a human, it is our essential nature to get attracted to someone. Either you want to be friends or maybe more than just friends. However, if you are shy and do not know how to start a conversation, things might not go in your favour. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl texting, you might end up giving the wrong impression. Always remember that the first impression is the last since pandemic has made it harder to initiate a conversation or a relationship. You cannot meet the person in real and go on a date.

But still, you can also turn it into an opportunity. Now you must be thinking how? The answer to this question is that people are isolated at home, and they might need good company. Therefore she might give you some extra time if you are attractive and good enough with your texting skills. So let’s discuss how you can start a conversation and with a girl. And who knows, after reading, you might get your lady crush as a companion. Let’s get start.

How to get her phone number?

Getting her number is quite a task. If you are too straightforward, she might end up thinking that you are desperate. And if you take too long to ask, she can feel that you are not interested. So what should be done in such a dilemma? First of all, relax. After that, think of something which is not extreme. Maybe you can text her first on her Instagram, handle, Tinder, or any other social website she uses.

Hence you can later tell her that she was in your suggestion box. For the starters, you can send her a simple Hi or a Hello. If she replies instantly, it is an excellent opportunity for you to impress her further. Start with a brief or a casual introduction. Ask her about her hobbies and if you find anything in common, talk more about it. Maybe you can speak of some animated movies; girls love it. You can refer to our article Best Dubbed Anime website so that perhaps you can watch a movie together. Therefore it might help you to get to know her. Later at the end of the talk, you can ask her phone number. However, if she is not interested in giving her number, do not force her.

What should you never do?

1.Never try to get her number from someone else. It might turn her off and also look creepy. If you try to ask her number from her friend, it can look like a very desperate action. And in any case, if the friend informs her, your ship might sink even before it starts sailing. Therefore it’s a big NO!.

2. Do not try to jump straight to flirting. You can give an impression of a pervert. You might think that it is cool, but mostly it’s not. Therefore always try to keep the conversation exciting and casual at the beginning. Afterwards, if you think that she is attracted to you and want a romantic relationship, you can do some harmless flirt.

3. If she is not interested in you and does not want a relationship with you, stop texting her. Now you must be pondering on how will you come to know if she is not interested? The answer to your question is that you should take some hints. For example, if she takes hours or even days to reply to your text or every time, she gives excuses when you message her. Hence it would help if you immediately stopped texting her. Indeed you will find someone who will value your time and affection.

Never ask for nudes or try to induce her into sexting. Not only is this vulgar and inappropriate, but this might prove risky for you. It is because asking for a nude picture or some videos from a minor is a criminal offence. She can practically sue you for this act. Also, exchanging such stuff should only be done if you trust the person. Even you are doing everything consensually; you cannot be sure about someone’s true intentions. It can turn out to be your life’s biggest mistake.


Now, if she is showing some interest in you, then well done !. Therefore you must be thinking about what should be done next? Stay calm, firstly. You can proceed to call her on the phone now. You might be nervous, so you can ask her first if she is free and want to talk over a call. If she agrees, call her. We sincerely hope that recharge does not affect your romancing. Therefore you can read our article on what is wifi calling? After calling, talk to her and let her know that you like spending time with her.

Do not directly propose to her; she might not be ready for it yet. Later after spending some more time with her, tell her that you love her gently. Hopefully, she should, yes, but in many cases, if she refuses, then you should not get disappointed. Indeed you will find some other cute girl. In any case, never force her or plead in front of her to accept you. Because you are losing your self-respect, no one in this world is so much deserving but you. You should love yourself more. Also, please don’t try to stalk her or follow her. It can easily frighten anybody, and they can go to the police, and you might be behind bars for following her or intimidating her.


If we try to conclude everything in the last, it’s straightforward. Just stay honest and straightforward. Therefore never show what you are not. Also, give your precious time to someone worthy of it. We hope that this article was of some use to you. If you enjoyed reading this article, you could also look at our article best rtx 2070 super.

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