Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
Steam Live TV on Your SmartPhone

In today’s era, mobile has become an important part of life. Now mobile is no longer just for talking, it fulfills many other essential tasks. If you want to watch TV from your mobile then you can watch it comfortably. So let’s know how to watch TV from mobile. We also have a bunch of Smart IPTV services to let you access latest movies, tv shows, and live TV channels. The current time in which we all are living is badly affected by the pendamics and viurses. Forcing people to stay at home to be safe. However, since most of us are staying at home round the clock, we need entertainment content more than ever. That is why we are today sharing a few ways to watch television right from your smartphone or tablet.

Let’s first understand what things you will need to make this happen:

What are the requirements to watch TV from mobile?

  • Mobile phone.
  • TV viewing applications.

How to watch TV from mobile

To watch TV from mobile you have to have internet. The more speed the internet has, the clearer your TV will play. However, there are many apps that show TV in good quality even in slow internet speed. All you have to do is download such apps and watch TV on Internet.

However, you have to create your account in many apps. After which you can watch TV. Many apps also take money to show TV on mobile and many are also free. But you may have to pay to watch some channels. Here are information about five such apps which show TV on mobile absolutely free.


Hotstar is the most popular App to watch TV. In this, you can watch your favorite channels as well as watch movies. These apps are absolutely free but some channels also take the money to show. You can download it from Google Play Store.


YuppTV App is also popular for watching TV on Free Mobile. In this too, you can also watch favorite movies along with your favorite shows. You can also download it from play store. Although you need a good internet connection to play it, but if you reduce the video quality, then you can watch TV on 2G net as well.

Jio tv

Recently, Jio also offers free TV. In Jio TV you get more than 350 channels, apart from this you also get more than 15 languages. Looking at the popularity of Jio, many people have downloaded this app. You can download it from Play Store or My Jio App.

Ditto TV

The ditto TV app is also best for watching free TV. Although it has to do some Channel Subscribe, Subscribe Charge is very cheap. You can download it from Google Play Store.

These are some programs that provides absolutely free and 100% legal content and live TV channels in the eastern countries. We hope you will now use these applications on your phone to access the most exciting channels and content.  Thank you for coming here.

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