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How to Style an Off the Shoulder Midi Dress

Midi dresses are always trendy. An off-the-shoulder midi dress takes the fashion of it to the next level. Even though some people avoid it because of frumpiness fear, if you’re a spirited, energetic, and self-confident woman, you might want to try the style.

It lets you enjoy the modern off-shoulder style yet enables you to cross your legs or sit like a man, not thinking about tugging down hems when standing up. If you’re a picky lady who wants to stand out among the many off-should styles trending today, you might want to style yourself with an off-the-shoulder midi dress.

Best Way to Style an Off the Shoulder Midi Dress If You’re Short

There is more than one way you can style an off-the-shoulder midi dress. However, some basic rules apply no matter the season or the occasion. Being a short gal, you want to ensure your outfit is stylish and looks perfect on your petite figure. So, here are 5 style guidelines you ought to follow when wearing an off-the-shoulder midi dress.

1)     Go a Dress Slightly Above or Below Mid-Calf

It can help create the perfect illusion expected from a longer dress. It might come with a metal feature underneath the mesh fabric that ends above its mid-calf, while the mesh fabric ends slightly below the mid-calf. The design helps in distributing the material. If you can find it anywhere, you better get it. A off the shoulder midi dress shouldn’t end at the mid-calf exactly – pick a design that’s slightly below or above.

2)     Combine It with Sexy Heels

You might want to elongate your legs and combat a stumpy look brought by a midi dress by wearing strappy high heels. Some sexy minimal heel sandals can give you the extra height while doing away with the extra weight you get from a clumpy shoe. Avoid anything that feels clunky or heavy such as heavy boots, sneakers, or platform sandals. It’s pretty tough for most petite ladies to pull off an off-the-shoulder midi dress with clunky shoes.

3)     Get a Dress with Lighter Fabric

When shopping for your off-the-Shoulder midi dress, look for a light fabric that doesn’t add too much weight to your petite figure. A mesh windowpane pattern that’s layered over can give the outfit an airy, lightweight feel. You might even love it more because of the openness, which prevents you from looking stocky and short.

4)     Define Your Waist with a Belt

When wearing any midi dress, not only an off-the-shoulder style, you might want to give your waist a definition. When you don’t, you will look like a short fabric block. Ensure your midi dress has a flattering style by wearing a waist belt. If yours does not comes with one, try getting something that complements the colors you’re wearing. It can go a long way, especially with a formal event or a dinner. Try it and see how it changes your outfit.

5)     Go for Solid Color or Same Pattern, Head to Toe

You don’t want to color block with an off-the-shoulder midi dress. That’s why it’d be best to buy one of solid colors or the same pattern, top to bottom. If you’re after a midi dress with some pattern style, get one with small patterns. You can go for a floral print or tiny polka dots.

6)     Don’t Forget to Stay Simple but Elegant

Some midi dress designs can get too stuffed or too layered. When going for the perfect style of your short figure, you want to get a model that keeps everything simple and elegant. It can make your dressing classy. If you’re looking for an off-the-shoulder midi dress for a spring event or the beach, try getting something that makes you look flirty as well.


And that’s it – 6 ways you can style an off-the-shoulder midi dress to look elegant and class even regardless of your short height. Don’t be afraid to try out a style and own it. If it’s something fantastic and makes you feel confident, you should make it your own. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t feel right, at least you tried it.

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