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Top-up health insurance can be correctly referred to as a stand-by in case you find your actual health insurance policy insufficient to cover your entire medical expenditure. It is an additional health coverage to cope up with such an unforeseen medical emergency. The way you always make sure to carry a spare tyre for a drive to keep you secured against all unlikely events. The same way, it is wise to avail a health insurance top up plan to prevent yourself from all the sudden health hazards cropping up during your journey called ‘LIFE.’

How top-up insurance stands as a saviour?

Almost all individuals have a Mediclaim policy cover nowadays. It is a bare essential as illnesses can break in just any time. Still, there are times when the insured amount of the ongoing health insurance plan gets exhausted, and then the top up health insurance feature comes up as the saving grace. It helps to extend the limit without having a significant impact on your budget.

The reputed health insurance players provide it to aid you during those difficult times when a severe illness is testing your emotions, patience, and realistic view against the wellbeing of someone dear to your heart. It offers you a little respite from the tiresome worries of arranging funds beyond your maximum sum assured.

How does the plan work?

An example can help create a clear understanding of the top up health insurance plans.

Let’s assume that the sum assured of the current policy you have is Rs. 4 Lakh. Along with that, you avail a top-up of Rs. 6 Lakh. The top-up can be utilised beyond your existing insured amount.

So, if you claim Rs. 7 Lakh, the first principal sum assured of Rs. 4 Lakh will come into effect and the remainder Rs. 3 Lakh will come from the health insurance top up plan. If, the claim reaches an amount more than Rs. 10 Lakh (the total of basic sum assured and top-up) then the extra amount will depend on you.

A top up health insurance scheme can be a more fruitful option over a basic Mediclaim policy cover. If you are provided with health coverage as part and parcel of your employment, you can choose a top-up coverage over it as well. Top ups are just the indemnity schemes accompanying the regular health cover.

What so unique about top up plans?

Bajaj Finserv brings you dependable health insurance top up plan with a host of facilities including –

  • Sum insured of up to Rs. 50 Lakh.

  • Floater Coverage facilitating coverage for up to 6 family members, which include, parents and children. All the coverage comes for a single premium and along with a single sum insured.

  • Financial coverage before and after hospitalisation for up to 60 and 90 days respectively.

  • Ageing individuals with hereditary ailment records can also avail the plan.

  • Affordable premium starting at Rs. 2,500 per year. And offering a cover to a favourably significant amount.

  • A less waiting period of just 12 months for pre-existing diseases.

  • Free medical checkup of a specified limit after 3 consecutive policy years.

  • Major emergencies, as, ambulance, maternity, and even organ donor expenditures are covered.

  • Cashless hospitalisation at over 5700 network hospitals.

  • Tax rebate up to Rs. 60,000 under section 80D of Income Tax Act.

  • No pre-policy medical tests for applicants under 55 years of age.

Benefit from the extra health coverage with Top-up Health Insurance from Bajaj Finserv. Gift yourself and your family comprehensive health protection against illness or accidents. Have such comprehensive schemes in place to stay protected against all untoward incidents.

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