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How to Winterize Pool Pump

Looking for tips on how to keep your pool pump safe and in good condition? Winterizing is the best option for you. This prevents the pipes from breaking, which further leads to bursting. This will cost you an extra expense for repair.

Always make sure that you winterize your pool pump before the temperatures go below zero degrees. According to, here are the steps on how to winterize pool pump;

  • Collect All the Closing Essentials 

You need to collect all the essentials you require to winterize your pool pump. This includes the winterizing chemical kit with the winterizing chemicals, expansion plugs, cover clips, pool anti-freeze, and pool air pillow, among others.

  • Clean The Pool

You need to clean your pool well. Use a brush to scrub the walls as you skim the surfaces. It helps to balance the water. Cleaning your pool also makes it resistant to algae and mold growth, as there will be no bacteria to feed on. 

You need to test your water for winter to be sure that it is in good condition. You may use test strips or a water testing kit to be more accurate. Ensure you rinse off all the debris. Allow the water to drain from the valve by placing it on the ‘winterize setting.’ 

  • Drain All the Water from Your Pool Pump

Turn the heater off and allow it to cool. This will prevent your pool pump from damages. Let it stay for around twenty minutes before you winterize it. Switch off the pump from its source and remove the filter. You may turn the pump upside down to be sure there is no water left. Remove the cap from its filter to enhance the free flow of water. 

You don’t have to replace it if it is in good condition. Unplug the drain plugs and store them safely as you will use them in the future. Remove all the loosened fittings and unscrew them. Blow the pipes out by the use of a compressor to get rid of all water.

  • Add The Winterizing Chemicals.

These winterizing chemicals are useful because they help in the cold weather and keep your pool in good condition. Ensure that the water is balanced to cause less or no damage to the pool lining. Make use of the winter closing kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use.

  • Give Your Pool Pump a Break.

This will be so by allowing it sometime, about 8-10 hours during the hot weather, and about 6 hours during winter. Do not leave the pump motor running as the evaporation caused may be harmful to the motor. 

Always ensure that you run your pool pump during the day as the ultraviolet rays kick out the chlorine. Ensure you safely put the hoses, pump, sand filters, and drain the cap in a dry place. This is until you need to use the pool again after winter.

  • Clean and Keep Your Accessories Safe. 

You need to countercheck around your pool to see if there is any debris left. This may include toys and other play items. This is to prevent them from damages. Wondering how these items may damage your pool? Take it; for instance, there are metallic items left on the pool during the winterization period. 

They may rust or get puncture with time. This will contaminate your water if the corroded metals get in, which puts your hardware in problems. Collect all these accessories, clean them, and put them away from the pool. Always ensure you remove the cover without having to remove the water build-up. This is for your water’s safety as it will prevent the debris from spoiling the water.


Any time you winterize your pump, you add life to it as it will work for a long. It will save you the money you would have used on repair, and it enhances its effectiveness. It also prevents frustrations. Ensure your pool pump is outdoors during the winterization period. 

There is less risk of contamination inside your pool, making it less hazardous. Always ensure you put a pool cover on the pool over the winter season as they will not damage your pool’s lining. This keeps your pool safe throughout the winterization period.

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