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How to Work Comfortably from Home

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Working from home can be a blessing and a curse since many people want to enjoy a day in their house and don’t have the coping mechanisms to make it possible.  Instead of letting distraction drive you to bad reviews or becoming a workaholic since your work is at home at you- it’s good to find a middle ground.  Comfort allows you to focus while also giving you the peace of stepping away when your workday is done.  Here’s how to achieve this plan!

Make Separate Spaces

The worst thing you could do for your work/home life balance is to work where you want to relax or sleep.  Working from bed may sound like a fun idea and may seem comfortable, but doing so will eventually confuse your brain into not being able to sleep when you need to and not being capable of staying awake when you work.  Don’t fall for these common problems.  Working on your couch isn’t as bad, but it’s also not great.  If you always work on your couch, you’ll be less likely to have a defined time for work and may find yourself overworking.  Create a space that’s just for work.  This layout may be a small table and a comfortable chair in a corner, or it could be converting a guest room into an office.  

Create A Schedule for Seven Days

Make a work schedule, and stick to it.  When you set up alarms for when to wake up, you must keep this alarm the same for all seven days of the week.  This plan might frustrate people who want to sleep in on the weekend, but that minor weekly change in your schedule could wreck your sleep for the rest of the week.

Ensure You’re Eating and Drinking Enough

Another classic issue with working from home is people lose track of how much they’re eating and when.  This problem may lead to overeating for some people, and others forget to eat more than once a day.  If you catch yourself thinking about Calgary homes for sale for work more often than considering what to make for dinner- it could be a problem.  If you need help with this, you can set food alarms on your phone to remind you when to start cooking or preparing a meal.  

Ask Others For Help With Distractions

If you have trouble focusing when there are other noises within your home or when you’re able to get onto non-work-related websites, working from home could be an issue.  Ask others in your home to help keep you clear of distractions.  This plan could mean they stay out of the same room as you and use headphones if they’re listening to things.  You could also put it into action by asking someone to take your phone away when you’re not on breaks.  You can use some programs to block out websites that can stop you from clicking away from the site you have to work on.  You may want to use a program like this if you need a lot of help staying on task.

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