How to write a request letter for bank statement for Manager?

We need a bank statement for several reasons. One of the major reasons is to verify our transactions or place of residence with other platforms. To most people, its very tempting to ignore a bank statement or to overlook it. Though, this statement contains so much information on your spend of money and most importantly how you save.

As I have already stated, bank statement has a couple of uses, one is that it acts as  your spending record, it shows you all the banking activities of the month. The other benefit is that a bank statement allows for account reconciliation and most importantly shows unauthorized expenses.

Although your bank is obliged to send this statement to you, there are certain times when you have to request the statement from your manager. For that matter, you are supposed to write a request letter for bank statement and submit it to the bank manager.

This brief shows you how to write bank statement request letter to your manager, and at the same time-shares some bank statement examples with you. This is particularly to the people that don’t know what is a bank statement.

Writing such a letter is very easy buy only when you know what to cover. There are also some standard rules that you should follow to make it viable.  The application letter for bank statement is an example of a business letter. This means you are supposed to follow the below rules.


Clear and concise

You don’t have to include a lot of unnecessary words in the letter, as a matter of fact, the letter is supposed to be straightforward and hit the nail on the head. You should clearly state what you want from the manager and how you want it. The reason behind this is that bank managers are always busy and they don’t have time to read a whole paragraph trying to deduce what you want.


Use a good subject heading

You can start by making it clear in the subject heading. A good subject heading should look like ‘’application for Bank statement’’. The subject heading sends light on the importance of the letter.


Who are you?

Its also very important to reveal your identity fast enough. When mentioning your identity, you may also want to state your bank account details. This must include the bank account number and the bank branch details. However, if you are going to your home branch, there’s no need to mention to bank branch details. It’s also very important to include the IFS code when you are writing.



The person you address the letter to is also very important. In the case of a request for bank statement, you should make sure its addressed to the bank manager.


A brief paragraph

The paragraph should contain all the details about what you want and how you want the statement. In some cases, the statement can be sent to your mail but the bank manager can choose to print it for you if you have already stated it.


The bottom

After writing all this, what follows is to close the letter. Its important to do this by simply writing yours sincerely and then your name.


The charges

Many banks will charge you for these services. This varies from country to country and hence you shouldn’t be worried. As a matter of fact, most banks will only get a fraction of your money.


You can get the statement online

Some banks today have self-service online portals where their customers can handle few of their issues. In that case, you can visit the banks website, log in with your details and apply for a bank statement there. Some banks will even give you an opportunity of downloading the statement without having to write or request.

Hope the information above has really helped you get your bank statement. Bank statements are very useful especially to check your spending and savings. Most importantly, the bank statements can show you all the bank transactions over a period of time. This way, it’s easy to pin point-unauthorized transactions and raise a claim to the bank.

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