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It does not matter whether you are trying to detect animals or humans. If you are going to use thermal imaging devices at night, you are bound to see some living things walking around the area.

What is Thermal Imaging Technology?

You must understand what thermal imaging technology is beforehand. This is the type of technology that will convert infrared also known as IR to radiation which is also known as heat. This can make different objects visible as long as there is enough visible light and the temperature of the living things can be detected.


Take note that defeating infrared is going to be hard. This type of technology has been around for a long time. A lot of devices are created to detect this and transform them into clearer images at night. Even a thermal clip-on scope can provide clear thermal images.


The thing about infrared is it does not really “see” you. This creates images based on the things that it detects. This means that if you do not get detected, there are no images that will be formed.

Hiding from Thermal Imaging Technology

Why are you hiding from this type of technology? There are different reasons why you do not want to be detected. There are people in the military who would like to keep themselves hidden. They do not want to give their enemies the advantage of knowing where they are.


No matter what your reason is for not wanting to become detected, you want to know the best tips so that you can hide from this technology.

  • Conceal Behind Glass

If you want an effective way so that you will not be detected by this technology, this is one of the best things to do. It can be problematic when you think about it though. Imagine carrying a pane of glass with you so that everything will be reflected. The best thing about the glass is that it will be as sturdy and reliable as a brick wall in detecting your temperature.

  • Using A Thermal Blanket

You cannot just use any random thermal blanket. You need to look for one that is made with Mylar foil. The IR technology will not work against the Mylar. The only impractical side to this is all of your body heat will be felt under the thermal blanket. It can be enough to make you feel weaker especially if you need to wrap the blanket around you for a long time.


Another problem that may happen while using this is the blanket will be carried away by the heavy winds. It would depend on the area that you are in. The moment that the blanket flies away, your body heat will be detected. Thus, thermal imaging will show your shape on the screen.


This can be a good option if you only need to go undetected for a short time. If you know that it would take hours, you may want to look at other available options.

  • Use a Thick, Woolen Blanket

Let us say that you do not have a thermal blanket, it does not mean that you cannot use another type of blanket. The woolen blanket can be very effective in hiding infrared radiation. Just remember that it may not be as effective but to a certain extent, it will have the ability to hide your temperature up until the time when your temperature rises so much that the blanket will not be able to hide your temperature anymore.


It may not be the best option that you can use but when you think about it, all of the other methods will also come with inconveniences. You just need to be aware of the circumstances so that you can plan how long or how short you would need to use some of the items to avoid detection.

  • Choose the Best Background to Hide

If you truly want to stay hidden, you need to consider the background. You need to find an item with a temperature that is close to your body temperature. As long as you would keep yourself close to the object, there are lesser chances of getting detected.


Another thing that you can do is to find some heat sources and make sure that you will be near these heat sources. There is a problem with this method though. You need to move around especially if you are trying to do something. You cannot stay near the heat source at all times. Another option is to bring a heat source but this can still be tricky to do.


You cannot choose a background that is clear because it will make you stand out easily. For example, if you try to hide against snow, you should realize that you are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Wear Warm Clothes

There is no guarantee that you will not be detected when you wear warm clothes. The key here is you just need to keep your body temperature hidden. Warm clothes will be able to do that. You just need to brace yourself because it can be very uncomfortable especially if you have to wear warm clothes for a long time.


You may need to cover the exposed parts of your face with dirt when you are out in the wild. The effect of this is only going to be temporary though. You need to make sure that you will do it constantly.


There are different methods that you can do so that you will not be detected by thermal imaging devices. Always consider when you need to do it and how long you need to do it to help you choose the right method for your needs.

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