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Going on dates helps establish a stronger relationship between couples. Dining out, going to the movies, and showering your special ones with expensive gifts might be the way to go when impressing them. However, that does not have to be the case.

Dates do not have to burn holes in the pocket. It just needs to be fun and romantic in any way possible. Here are eight cheap date ideas you might want to try:

Netflix and Eat

Ah, the millennial way for a date night and the epitome of cheap date ideas. Binge-watching Netflix. Prepare snacks to eat as you watch the latest episodes Money Heist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or Modern Family if you have not yet. Or, play a string of movies before the pizzas get cold!

DIY Everything

Go for a quick trip to the grocery for dinner, and take turns with the preparation. One is in charge of the main course, and the other should amaze their partner with a delicious dessert. Or, better yet, make the snacks for your evening binge-watch or for the date night.

Bake up some pizzas, pop some microwave popcorn, or churn up some salad, anything that both partners would enjoy for the rest of the night.

Break Out the Game Boards

Remember the fun you had while playing Scrabble, Monopoly, or Operation during the good old days? Relive childhood memories with your special someone and tell them stories as you play. Better yet, do it over a bowl of popcorn paired with a bottle of red wine to add a tinge of adulthood into the night.

Dance the Night Away

Turn off all the lights, leave candlelight on, and play any music to set the mood. Play the latest pop songs, the most romantic ballads, or the best jazz song out there and makeup dance move with your partner as you go.

Go for a Long Drive

Hop in the car, and drive. The destination does not matter, as long as you both have fun. Make up the itinerary as you go, or better yet drive to the places where the best moments as a couple happened. Then, cap the night with a snack from the best hotdog stand in town.

Museum Hop

It might sound unconventional, but it is a great way to connect. Walking around in a museum, you would notice what your partner’s interests are with what makes them stop and read the description or admire the artwork.

Grab Coffee and Tea

Coffee or tea might have even been the thing that brought you together. Maybe, one of you invited the other out, and that is where the magic happened. Nevertheless, it is a great way to re-connect with your partner and relive old memories.

Take a Stroll during Sunrise or Sunset

The sunset or sunrise is an excellent mood-setter. It is a visual representation of romance and is undoubtedly a relaxing sight to stare.

Going on dates do not have to break the bank, find out what interests your partner. Then, take it as a challenge to make a cheaper version (if possible) of it and have a day of fun together.

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